Unlocking Radiance: The Vital Link Between Liver Health and Luminous Skin

February 12 12:16 2024

Despite investing in skincare and spending money, there has been no improvement in the skin condition! Skin issues such as dull and yellow complexion, freckles, acne, and yellowing of the eyes are all related to the metabolic function of the liver.

When the liver is not functioning well, skin problems will arise:

1. Acne, pimples, and acne: Sugars, fats, and proteins are metabolized by the liver. If there is a disorder in liver metabolism, toxins accumulate internally, causing hormonal imbalance and resulting in skin problems.

2. Dry skin, dull complexion: The liver is responsible for storing blood, and impaired liver function can slow down blood circulation in the body. Inadequate blood supply to the face leads to dryness, dullness, and yellowing of the skin.

3. Pigmentation, liver spots: Liver damage can also affect the metabolism of bilirubin. Excessive bilirubin in the body can lead to pigmentation and liver spots as blood circulates.

Therefore, to avoid becoming a “yellow-faced lady,” it’s essential to prioritize liver care before skincare.

How to care for the liver?

In addition to managing stress and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits, many people are turning to scientific nutritional supplements for liver care as technology advances and the field of dietary nutrition supplements matures.

About 80% of liver care products on the market belong to the milk thistle category, a plant-based liver care ingredient proven to be effective. However, for those concerned about its weak estrogenic effects and sensitivity to estrogen, especially in women with breast or gynecological issues, there are now new options.

Liver Detox Capsules, developed by ESTHELIV, is a result of original research and contains the popular PQQ ingredient in recent scientific research. It is certified by the US FDA and is a cellular-level coenzyme in the human body.

It has a powerful ability to eliminate reactive oxygen species, improve various functions by increasing the expression of nerve growth factor (NGF) and NGF receptors, including mitochondrial activation, growth, repair, and protection of nerve cells. In simple terms, PQQ directly acts on liver cells, enhances liver metabolism, strengthens liver function, and most importantly, does not cause harm or burden to the liver. Research data also shows that PQQ’s improvement of liver fibrosis is superior to milk thistle.

In addition, Liver Clean Pill contains myo-inositol, a substance needed by human cells. Myo-inositol, formerly known as vitamin B8, is referred to as a “growth factor.” It is essential because myo-inositol acts as a second messenger for many hormones such as insulin and thyroid-stimulating hormone. This implies that myo-inositol is involved in regulating many physiological processes, with a focus on lipid metabolism in liver function. It improves triglycerides, lowers cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, accelerates cell metabolism. Furthermore, myo-inositol is good at emulsifying fat that can promote the metabolism of liver fats and improve transaminase levels. It allows damaged livers to recover and preventing potential risks of fatty liver.

ESTHELIV’s Liver Clean Pill scientifically combines PQQ and myo-inositol, which achieves a “1+1>2” effect in liver care.

With a healthy liver, metabolism could be fast, and the skin becomes delicate and smooth naturally. A healthy liver leads to peaceful mood, and when combined with a balanced diet and proper sleep, the overall mental state of a person will be totally uplifted.

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