Flooring Demand Announces Launch of Floor Imaginer™ an Augmented Reality Software for Flooring Companies.

February 12 11:56 2024
Flooring Demand Announces Launch of Floor Imaginer™ an Augmented Reality Software for Flooring Companies.
Flooring Demand joins the Augmented Reality trend with launching its new flooring visualizer software that helps flooring companies showcase their floors and tiles, whether it’s hardwood, laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, to their potential leads and customers and increase their sales.

Flooring Demand, a leading flooring marketing agency exclusively focused on flooring and epoxy flooring companies, proudly announces the launch of Floor Imaginer™, an Augmented Reality-powered Virtual Flooring visualizer tool. This ground-breaking software is made to revolutionize the marketing and conversion strategies of flooring businesses, addressing key industry needs and issues, providing an all-in-one solution to boost flooring contractors performance.

In the rapidly growing flooring market – estimated to double by 2030 -, Flooring Demand realized the critical importance of providing a smoother customer experience to stay ahead in the internet market. Floor Imaginer™ has been designed to address the various challenges faced in the flooring industry, offering a holistic approach to increasing conversion rate all while doing digital marketing effectively catering to the specific demands of the industry.

How Floor Imaginer™ Addresses Key Industry Keywords:

Marketing: Floor Imaginer™ serves as a powerful marketing tool by providing flooring companies with an immersive and visually convincing way to showcase their products such as tiles or flooring. This augmented reality experience significantly enhances customer engagement and sets businesses apart in the competitive market.

Commercial Flooring: The software works specifically to help commercial flooring businesses, offering a customizable platform to showcase various flooring options for commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants, hospitals, and sport complex. This tailored approach ensures that businesses can effectively market their products to their target audience.

Advertisement: As a specialized flooring marketing agency, Flooring Demand has developed Floor Imaginer™ to seamlessly integrate with digital marketing campaigns. The software enhances advertising efforts by providing a unique and interactive landing page for customers to experience different flooring options.

Digital Marketing: Floor Imaginer™ is a digital marketing powerhouse, a tool, integrating with marketing campaigns to provide a complete marketing approach. This includes lead generation through, augmented reality experiences, and seamless integration with various digital channels, ensuring a thorough online presence for flooring businesses.

Leads: The software includes robust features for lead generation, allowing flooring companies to capture valuable customer information. This facilitates targeted marketing efforts and increases the conversion of leads into sales.

Free Jobs: Floor Imaginer™ supports the flooring industry by offering a platform for businesses to post job listings for free. This feature contributes to talent acquisition within the flooring and epoxy flooring sectors.

Better Website Design and Experience: Beyond software solutions, Flooring Demand has designed Floor Imaginer™ to offer flooring companies an interactive tool on their website. This ensures that flooring businesses have a visually appealing and functional online presence using AR technology, complementing their overall marketing strategy.

Epoxy Flooring, Floor Coatings, Vinyl, Tile, Hardwood: Floor Imaginer™ accommodates a wide range of flooring options, allowing businesses to showcase their diverse product offerings. The customizable design ensures that businesses can market various flooring materials, including epoxy flooring, floor coatings, vinyl, tile, and hardwood.

Ads and SEO: By integrating seamlessly with digital marketing efforts, Floor Imaginer™ contributes to business optimization strategies and enhances search engine optimization (SEO). This ensures that flooring businesses can reach and engage with their target audience within their local area.

For more information about Floor Imaginer™ and Flooring Demand’s services, visit Flooring Demand’s website.

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