Experienced OLX users now power fast resolutions over five countries using AI

September 06 20:51 2023
Experienced OLX users now power fast resolutions over five countries using AI

UK – 6th Sep, 2023 – OLX Ukraine and OLX Poland are the latest locations to involve their experienced OLX buyers and sellers in customer service, joining OLX Portugal, OLX Romania, and OLX Bulgaria.

While every OLX location was committed to excellent customer service, a common challenge was ensuring great service was always easily accessible, even during high-volume increases. Consequently, all five locations partnered with GUURU to implement the Expert Community Advice solution.

Now OLX Ukraine, OLX Poland, OLX Portugal, OLX Romania, and OLX Bulgaria each have a local community of expert users who answer inquiring customers’ questions in real-time via live chat to sustain fast, high-quality support throughout peaks.

“While every location has different market conditions, Guuru expert users can handle the bulk of inquiries that don’t need system access, allowing OLX customer service representatives to deliver fast resolutions every time,” explains Anna Olichwier, the Head of Customer Service at OLX Central Southern Europe.

The Swiss company’s Expert Community Advice solution combines the power of AI and community to enable instant responses via live chat by qualified OLX users, who, in turn, receive rewards.

“Even if experts can’t possibly answer all the questions, they assist our team by being a point of contact, making sure that customers feel they are, and will be, taken care of,” says Veronika Georgieva, a Senior Customer Service Specialist at OLX Bulgaria.

Customers who rate OLX Portugal’s user-led service find it extremely helpful. As the first location to use the community-driven approach, Portugal’s expert users have maintained an average response time that falls below the turn-around times of their service-level agreement for 3 consecutive years since its launch in 2020.

OLX Poland and Ukraine implemented the solution in March 2023 after seeing its success in other locations. In four months since involving their knowledgeable buyers and sellers, both Ukraine and Poland achieved high customer satisfaction scores for customers rating their expert user conversations, both with an average response time below the service-level agreement’s response time.

“Our Guurus [expert users qualified to answer customer inquiries] successfully worked with topics that we did not expect because we thought they were too difficult. It is surprising how important the role of one’s own experience is in helping customers,” says Antonina Vodovitska, a Project Manager at OLX Ukraine.

With award-winning customer service, OLX has always been committed to high-quality support, however, as Antonina explains, “we are now even faster and easier to access”.

“We are proud to partner with one of the biggest brands for marketplaces worldwide. It is inspiring to work with their diverse, talented teams to scale this service across their multinational footprint,” says GUURU CEO and co-founder Tonio Meier.

On the 5th of September 2023, OLX and GUURU hosted an online webinar, OLX’s resolution to real-time customer support: an expert user community. The live recording is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lcBxuYr88I


Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2017, GUURU Solutions offers community-focused technology, allowing brands to involve real and loyal product users in delivering live advice and authentic product recommendations. The core technology, AI-based SmartRouting, instantly connects inquiring shoppers to real, knowledgeable consumers qualified to offer instant and helpful responses. Besides its 5 OLX partners, other partners include Ricardo, Sky, Freitag, tonies, Betty Bossi and Dynafit.

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Started in 2006, OLX builds leading marketplace ecosystems across the world to facilitate easier trade between hundreds of millions of people every month. OLX helps people buy and sell cars, find housing, get jobs, buy and sell household goods, and much more.

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