Davydov Consulting: Web Agency For Those Who Need An Integrated Approach

March 17 23:09 2023

Web design is an essential element of any business’s online presence. This is the potential customer’s first impression when they land on the website. However, when it comes to creating an online platform, business owners are faced with a choice between a web design agency and a freelancer. What is best for business? This article will discuss working with a web design agency using the London-based web design and development agency Davydov Consulting as an example.

What is Davydov Consulting?

Davydov Consulting is one of the fastest-growing web design, development, and consulting agencies in Shoreditch, London, UK. The agency serves clients worldwide with high-quality website design, web development, business and technology consulting, and content creation in English, French, and German.

Davydov Consulting is a growing organization with ten programmers and designers. The company’s specialists have many years of experience working with popular CMS. In particular, the company is a certified WIX partner.

Web Agency vs Freelancer

Let’s look at a few key points that will demonstrate the advantages of a professional web agency compared to an independent hired designer/developer.

Diverse Skill Sets

Davydov Consulting web agency has a team of professionals with different skill sets, including designers, developers, project managers, marketers, SEO. This means they can offer a broader range of services than a single freelancer. For example, after developing a site, it needs to fill with content, prepare a marketing plan, and be optimized for search.

Of course, there are many “jacks-of-all-trades” on the Internet, but it is difficult to imagine someone who can write a quality blog post, work with code, and prepare a well-thought-out marketing campaign.


Since Davydov Consulting has a team of professionals, they can increase or decrease their resources depending on the project’s needs. This means they can take on large projects that a single freelancer can’t handle. The web agency has the necessary resources to connect copywriters, designers to draw logos or a brand book, and programmers to work with different CMS (java, Wix Velo, python, etc.) if the customer needs it.

When a freelancer cannot complete a specific task, need to look for another freelancer and deal with two at once.

Long Term Relationship

Web agency Davydov Consulting is interested in building long-term relationships with clients. The agency offers a service and support that can help ensure the success of the project.

A freelancer is also interested in long-term servicing of his clients, but the resources of one person are much more limited.


The web agency is usually more responsible than an individual freelancer. Davydov Consulting is a brand and a reputation that needs to be maintained. Therefore, satisfaction, positive experience, and customer feedback are directly correlated with the brand’s success.

A freelancer, like a free bird, is not tied to a brand, and his reputation is connected only to the online platform where he offers his services and which he can change if necessary.

Quality Control

Davydov Consulting has a process in place to ensure quality control. This means that the team reviews and approves all work before release. The testing team provides a valuable perspective that helps to identify errors and deficiencies in the work and the opportunity to correct them.

As a rule, a freelancer is responsible for completing the task (copywriting, design or coding) and testing it. It is too expensive for a freelancer to dedicate a separate pool of processes to recheck work.


Davydov Consulting is a web agency working in various areas related to web development and IT. For 5+ years of work, Davydov Consulting specialists have acquired significant and valuable experience that can be useful for site owners and those just planning to start their online journey. This allows the agency to consult and help clients with more general questions (business prospects, niche features, online competition).

A freelancer who will do the design, copywriting, or coding as a properly narrowly focused specialist who (we hope) will do his job well. But unfortunately, he will not be able to give advice or consult about the prospects of the website, the complexity of the chosen niche, or search engine optimization.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between a web agency and a freelancer ultimately depends on specific needs and budget. Both can be great choices depending on the scale of the project.

Looking for a team of experts with established processes and access to a wide range of resources? Davydov Consulting web design agency may be the right fit. A freelancer may be the best choice if a more personalized experience, lower costs, and a custom task are needed.

To learn more about how a web agency works, how much it costs to make a new website, and how long it will take? Contact for advice.

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