Michelle Sera, Founder of ElevatedMind, Debuts New Book and Approach to Succeeding in Business

March 02 18:54 2023
Michelle Sera, Founder of ElevatedMind, Debuts New Book and Approach to Succeeding in Business
Sera has created a powerhouse of support and transformation for new coaches and entrepreneurs who are struggling to succeed.

Michelle Sera is the Founder of ElevatedMind, a coaching company focused on helping entrepreneurs reach their highest potential. Sera recently published a best-selling book, The 7-Minute Shift.

In her best-selling book, Sera shares her proven method for dealing with the internal struggle that creates a struggling business. More info on the book can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BKXKB81D

As a Business and Mindset Coach, Sera brings over 15 years in marketing expertise and happiness studies to her clients. She has helped 6-figure, 7-figure, and even 9-figure clients bring in millions in revenue. Now Sera is including newer coaches who are experiencing fear, doubt, and worry over whether they’ll succeed.

Today, Sera brings a refreshing and unique approach to business coaching. Through the power of mindset work, manifesting principles, and business-growth practices, Sera delivers a powerhouse of support and transformation. Her work addresses the real reason behind the low success rate for new entrepreneurs and the struggling to succeed cycle that plagues them.

Through her company, ElevatedMind, Sera is able to offer support for every client with various programs and products.

Clients use Sera’s Happy & Successful monthly subscription program to shift the results in their business quickly. From challenges like Imposter Syndrome and overwhelm, to inconsistent marketing, Sera meets the client where they are and leads them to where they want to be.

And Sera has just announced her new groundbreaking success-oriented program for new coaches and entrepreneurs, called The Middle Work™. In this program, she focuses on the middle. This is what is between the new coach and a highly successful business.

Statistics show that without a regular practice to manage your state of mind in business, it’s easy to succumb to fear, doubt, and worry. This can account for a failure rate as high as 92% for new coaches and entrepreneurs.

Sera expertly guides her clients through shifting their mindset, creating consistent business growth, and manifesting their greatest self, so they can avoid business failure and truly succeed. More info can be found at: https://www.theelevatedmind.com/

About Michelle Sera

Michelle Sera is a Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Freedom Formula Facilitator, Best-Selling Author, and is certified in Business Growth Marketing strategies focused on coaches and entrepreneurs in their first 1-5 years of business.

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