SirGime Continues to Push the Envelope in E-Sports, Dominating Warzone While Breaking World Records in Spare Time

March 02 03:45 2023
SirGime is a prolific Canadian Twitch streamer, pro gamer, full time content creator at Xen, and holder of multiple world records in the gaming space.

Agim Gashi is more popularly known as “SirGime” and is one of the most popular leaders in the e-sports scene. As the proud holder of multiple world records, SirGime boasts a cult-like following comprised of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, fans, and followers. 

Focused on creating a friendly, engaging atmosphere on his channels, SirGime is bringing fun back into competitive gaming. He is the Rebirths Top Solos player, a top-ranked Call of Duty pro gamer, and a full time content creator at Xen Pro Gaming Team. 

By blending funny skits and commentaries with extremely polished skills and action clips, SirGime’s content is as entertaining as it is educational. 

As Agim conveys, he dipped his toes into the gaming world as early as when he was merely nine years old. He spent his late childhood and formative teenage years by his Xbox console, honing his talents to perfection.

SirGime started streaming when Covid-19 pandemic hit, but his road to becoming one of the most popular Twitch gamers was rife with struggles and challenges. He built his channel from the ground up and was thoroughly committed to ensuring each of his followers felt at home. By treating his fans as family members, SirGime created a friendly, toxic-free space that thousands of gamers were desperately searching for. 

Two years after SirGime ventured into streaming, he became a full time content creator at Xen, which is a premier e-sports & entertainment organization founded by Jordan “Laz” Lazarus. SirGime’s devotedness to the gaming community is an invaluable help to Xen, which is on a mission to create a community of like-minded individuals, professional gamers, fans, and enthusiasts. SirGime holds multiple world records with unrivaled KD scores in Call of Duty: Warzone and Rebirth. 

More information about SirGime is available on his official Twitch channel.

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