Filehold Systems Help Transform Companies into Paperless Office

March 02 01:24 2023
FileHold Systems continues to empower companies and help them transform their workplace into a paperless office. This widely used Electronic Document Management System has become the most trusted software to get rid of piles of paper documents. The software is designed with multiple features that help businesses set up a paperless work environment. This easy-to-use and simple-to-install software stores information in an organized, searchable electronic library.

It can be installed on a server, a private cloud, or on the FileHold Cloud. FileHold Systems are increasingly being adopted by businesses of all types and sizes to streamline their work. As a complete enterprise-grade Electronic Document and Records Management software, it comes with amazing features. A range of functional features allows users to access their critical documents with just a few mouse clicks.

FileHold has become an easy solution to transition from cabinets of paper to a paperless workplace. It gives users secure and controlled access to documents and enables remote access from any device. FileHold is a comprehensive software that comes with standard, optional, and custom features. It allows users to choose a version that suits their specific needs. A customer care professional at FileHold said, “Our Document Management system is designed to suit the document storage needs of large organizations and medium-sized businesses. Setting up a paperless office helps in streamlining operations and enhances productivity. Storing paper files and documents can be messy and time-consuming. In most offices, employees waste a lot of their time finding or sorting documents. FileHold saves your employee’s productive work hours by allowing you to create, store, retrieve, and share digital documents.”

Data is one of a company’s most valuable assets. FileHold provides a solution for organizing that data to make business operations more efficient than ever. This electronic document management software includes centralized file storage, as well as enabling document tracking throughout the document lifecycle. Its multiple features allow businesses to access critical documents within seconds and organize data using tags and keywords. Its features include searching, version control, audit logging and tracking, e-forms, calendars, Document Tagging or Metadata Capture, web access, document linking, Microsoft Office Integration, and much more.

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FileHold Systems Inc. is a renowned company that has developed comprehensive Electronic Document Management software for businesses and organizations. This Canadian firm has designed enterprise-grade document management software for recording, storing, sharing, and archiving documents. For more details, please visit

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