Renting an Iceland Campsite: What Every Traveler Must Know According to

January 28 12:24 2023
Renting an Iceland Campsite: What Every Traveler Must Know According to

Imagine going to sleep with the Northern Lights serving as a nightlight. Waking up the next morning would seem like a dream, as the sun is rising across a fjord. Individuals who rent an Iceland campsite can do this and more. 

Why Iceland? understands the love Icelanders have for camping and wants visitors to be able to receive the same pleasure from this popular activity. Residents often pack up their belongings in the summer and head off to spend time with family and friends around a campfire.

As Iceland is known for its high prices, camping is one of the few affordable activities anyone can enjoy without using extra resources. Furthermore, this is a completely sustainable activity, so nobody needs to worry about harming the planet when camping. 

A camping trip in this breathtaking country is a way to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature. Quite a few people find they encounter native horses while camping, and they get to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature 24 hours a day. 

Camping in Iceland

Many people prefer to rent a campervan when traveling throughout Iceland. They don’t need to worry about inclement weather, as they have a van to stay in when nature doesn’t cooperate. 

Renting a campervan also ensures travelers have somewhere to turn if they encounter problems, according to, as the rental company will be prepared to help. Many of these rentals come with the equipment needed to have an amazing time, and the traveler won’t need to lug items around as they make their way to and from the country. Before booking a campervan, however, review “A practical guide to living your best vanlife in Iceland: campers, routes and rules”.

Camping Etiquette

Iceland’s beauty draws many people in. To preserve this beauty, there are few railings or signposts. Take care when traveling, so nobody’s trip to the country is ruined by seeing an avoidable disaster. 

Share a travel plan with others. If something goes wrong during the camping trip, search and rescue teams will know where to look. Less time will be spent waiting for help, and the rescue team will be free to help others when they know where to look. 

Pay close attention to the weather. It can change on a dime. Be prepared for any weather conditions and have equipment on hand for any type of situation. 

Never go off-road. One way to upset the residents of Iceland is to encroach on private property. Individuals who do so may find they face heavy penalties and imprisonment, so have a travel plan in place and follow it closely. 

When to Camp?

Most people choose to visit the country from late May to August. However, the campsites are often crowded during this season. Consider making a trip in April or early May. Another option is to plan a visit in September, as these periods are less crowded. Although the weather won’t be as cooperative, many people find this is a good trade-off as they have fewer people vying for the same campsites. 

Visit the country during June and July to experience the beauty of the midnight sun. Plan a return trip in September when crowds are smaller and it is easier to visit various tourist locations. Regardless of when a person chooses to visit, they can find comfort in knowing this is the trip of a lifetime and one they will probably wish to repeat in the future. 


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