Biodegradable straws are selling well in France

November 28 05:18 2022

Biodegradable straws are already being used in many large food service establishments instead of plastic straws. The promotion and application of biodegradable straws has an important significance. Currently, people are familiar with straws, which are used in many different catering industries. Given that plastic straws are subject to certain environmental problems and waste of resources, they are highly concerned by all sectors. In fact, paper straws and biodegradable straws are both environmentally friendly in nature, but paper straws are easy to soften for hot drinks and biodegradable straws are more advantageous.

At present, a good environmentally friendly alternative material for plastic straws is called PLA, or “polylactic acid”. It is a biodegradable plastic that can be extracted from corn starch. PLA is produced from lactic acid, which is the raw material for most traditional lactic acid fermentation, and is then used to produce PLA. The specific production process is to crush corn, extract starch from it, then make unrefined glucose from the starch, and then ferment the glucose in a way similar to the production of alcohol, and after the glucose is fermented, it becomes lactic acid similar to a food additive, and the lactic acid is transformed into an intermediate product by a special concentration process for the individual lactic acid.

PLA biodegradable straws have good biodegradability, degradation produces CO2 and H2O, no pollution to the environment, and can meet the needs of industrial composting. After high temperature extrusion, the straw has good heat resistance, good solvent resistance, and its smoothness, light transmission, and hand feeling properties can replace petroleum-based products, and the physical and chemical indicators of the products can meet the requirements of food safety around the world. Therefore, it is widely used and can basically adapt to the needs of most beverages in the current market.

As a beverage paper straw goods, used in the food industry and its health drink industrial production, to be able to completely replace it, the initial plastic straw application range, with technical professional paper tube processing manufacturers according to different customer regulations, manufacturers can be based on everyone’s specific provisions to carry out design solutions and production and processing. So, not only the length and diameter of the straw, but also the color and pattern design, all such can be designed and solved.

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