DeVeria Flowers Helps Adults And Children Find Balance With Her Inspirational Coloring Book Collection

November 25 13:30 2022
DeVeria Flowers Helps Adults And Children Find Balance With Her Inspirational Coloring Book Collection
The political and non-profit accountant’s impressive collection of coloring books provide a fun stress relieving distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing busy professionals the pause needed to maintain proper work-life balance.


DeVeria Flowers is helping busy professionals to discover and maintain a perfect work-life balance with her amazing coloring book entitled Color Escape. The author is the founder of Ds’ Boutique which focuses on improving The Inner You.  She is providing inspiring coloring books that motivate people to manifest their greatness and color their way into a happier life. 

Despite how intelligent the human mind is, it cannot properly distinguish between different sources of stress. Oftentimes, something as simple as a mispronounced word during a presentation can trigger the same internal chemical response as coming face-to-face with a grizzly bear. In the workplace, stress can emanate from a wide variety of factors, ranging from physical stressors such as poor lighting and bad working postures to more severe psychological stressors like high job demands, inflexible working hours, poor job control, bullying, harassment, and job insecurity.

As a busy professional herself, DeVeria perfectly understands the crushing effects of stress and how it can affect both work and private life. In her quest for a solution, the political and non-profit accountant discovered that the key to finding balance was learning to take mental escapes to recharge the mind and spirit. Color Escape contains 75 positive messages and leverages the exciting childhood pastime to provide adults with a fun and relaxing exercise.

“Sometimes we get so caught up with deadlines and targets that we forget we will only produce great results when our mind is at peace and able to think without worry. My coloring books allow you to pause and relax for a little while so your mind can recharge to give you the energy you need to succeed.” 

Other books available on Ds’ Boutique include a Children’s Edition of Color Escape, a Toddler’s Edition that serves as a learning activity book that ends with positive affirmations; and as a fun addition, a dating and monthly planner, My Soulmate is Probably a Piece of Chicken: A Dating + Monthly Planner.

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