Infilect Unveils the Next Big Innovation in the FMCG Trade Promotion Compliance using Image Recognition

November 21 21:57 2022
At POI Fall Hybrid Dallas Summit 2022, Infilect Inc. demonstrated their new trade compliance solution to the top FMCG brands in the US.

Infilect Inc., a global leader in retail visual intelligence powered by Image Recognition technology, showcased the latest innovation in retail analytics at the Promotions Optimization Institute’s Fall Hybrid Dallas Summit 2022, attended by the top FMCG leaders in the US. Infilect exclusively unveiled their Trade Promotion Compliance solution and demonstrated how real-time in-store insights could help identify compliance violations, track the ROI of their promotional spending and address losses by instantly fixing poor promotion implementation at the store level. Infilect Inc. helps lift per-store sales by at least 4% through improved in-store retail execution and automated AI-powered store audits. The real-time retail visual intelligence using Image Recognition helps deliver execution insights within 60 seconds to the field force and can easily be set up within 2 weeks.  

With the FMCG space being fiercely competitive, optimal utilization of time & resources is critical. Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) is a practice of ensuring profitability by bringing efficiency in the processes and leveraging technologies to effectively ideate, plan, manage and execute trade promotions, at scale. With advancements in Image Recognition technology, it is now possible to gather real-time store data and detect & invest optimal resources in the high-yielding corners of trade promotions. The value of the Trade Promotion Compliance solution by Infilect was presented at the Dallas Summit by Vijay Gabale, Chief Product and Technology Officer and Co-founder, Infilect Inc., alongside Peter Townsend, Executive Advisor to Infilect and Michael Marzano, visiting Professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania, US.

“Think of Infilect’s solution as your ‘retail thermostat’ that not only measures but also enables you to take control of your in-store execution. With real-time on-shelf intelligence, promotional and planogram compliance, and pricing intelligence you can take proactive measures to improve on-shelf product visibility and hence lift per-store sales,” said Vijay. 

Infilect’s solutions also use AI to map trends and provide recommendations that not just help FMCG leaders in decision-making but also collaborate with their on-ground field force and better manage their relationship with retailers. “FMCG Brands get precise trade promotion insights with the help of ground-level data, visual proofs and real-time feedback on issues, hence identifying stores in violation, thereby resulting in massive savings on trade promotions budgets,” added Vijay. 

“In order to ensure a perfect store, FMCG companies have precise shelving principles and all kinds of merchandising conditions that are designed into their management’s best practices. Infilect adapts to each one of the FMCG business rules and works under the defined principles, hence the platform is resilient and beneficial,” explains Peter Townsend. 

Global FMCG industries have increased their technology adoption spending by over 10% in the year 2022. Image Recognition technology is a game changer in bringing 360-degree visibility into the supply chain, retail operations, and in-store execution. Apart from driving efficiency, Image Recognition and AI tools enable FMCG brands to not only boost their in-store sales but also help drive their best merchandising practices on the ground and increase the productivity of their field force, thus making it an inevitable arsenal in the global FMCG retail-tech adoption strategy.  

About Infilect: 

Infilect Inc. builds Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence solutions for worldwide FMCG manufacturers and Retailers. Purpose-built for FMCG, the platform empowers sales and marketing leaders with real-time and accurate on-shelf metrics and in-store retail execution insights to simplify retail decision-making, improve in-store brand visibility and boost per-store sales, at scale. Infilect’s solutions are fast to set up, priced affordably, built to delight, yet powerful enough to deliver critical business outcomes. With global offices in Bangalore – India and Delaware – the US, Infilect’s solutions are deployed in 16+ countries across 400K stores while processing 25 Million in-store images per month. For more information visit

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