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November 17 21:42 2022
Aviation Nepal has been sharing useful information about American Airlines with its readers. Whenever anyone chooses to travel with American Airlines, it is always advised to know about their baggage policy. The airline has some serious restrictions on both size and weight of baggage allowed.

Texas – November 17th, 2022 – Aviation Nepal has been working hard to bring the right information to the readers. Those who travel by America airlines need to know that this company charges several restrictions on both the size and weight of the baggage that is permitted.

As per the American Airlines baggage policy, the checked bags could have a maximum linear dimension of 62 inches. The weight of such baggage needs to be capped at 50 pounds. Along with this, the American Airlines carry on size of bags come with a weight restriction of 40 pounds and a size cap of 45 linear inches. It is also important to ensure that the carry on bags need to fit comfortably in the overhead bin.

Those who carry oversized or overweight bags will have to bear the brunt of extra fee as the charge is $100 for domestic flights and $200 for international flights. One can also choose to opt for insurance cover that will help on covering the excess liability. The maximum limit which the insurance is going to cover is capped at $3500 per bag.

The American Airlines baggage policy has separate fee for check in lugggaes. The charges for check-in luggage on American Airlines flight are $30 for the first bag and then $40 for the next. Every additional bag then will cost $150. The cost can vary based on the destination and also the size and the weight of the bags as well.

When travelling with American Airlines, it is always advised to be mindful of the baggage restrictions or else the fee can multiply significantly and end up being a costly affair. One of the most popular airlines in the USA, it is known for offering reasonable baggage fee.

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