GJK Waterproofing Services Offers Bathroom Waterproofing For Residential And Commercial Building Across Sydney

November 17 16:18 2022

Most people are not aware of the serious damage that water can do to a building, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Bathrooms, being the wettest spaces in the house or any establishment, are the most vulnerable or prone to water damage. Water damage may occur when there is a leak from an air pump, water heater or plumbing system. Paint chippings, rusting, peeling wallpaper and discolored fixtures can all be the result of water damage. Simple unattended water leakage or a small buildup of mold can have a significant effect on an entire building’s integrity.

Furthermore, most people don’t understand the need to have a bathroom waterproofed. It is not the water that causes this damage, but rather the moisture and bacteria which can develop. The main reason why bathrooms are not waterproofed is due to a lack of proper maintenance. Property owners should seek out top-notch waterproofing services from the best waterproofing company like the waterproofers in Parramatta in order to prevent these situations.

Top Reasons Why Waterproofing Residential Or Commercial Bathrooms Is Important?

There is no excuse not to have the bathrooms waterproofed since they are one of the most exposed areas in the buildings or even home. Here are some good reasons why:

1) Reduce the chance of water leaks and moisture.

It is well-known that high humidity and moisture can cause structural damage. The grout and tiles will dry out in the bathroom. However, water remains beneath the floor and doesn’t dry. Water will seep into the walls and ceilings around corners. Although it may take some time before the problem is apparent, it can cause serious damage to the property if not addressed. This problem can be avoided by applying a waterproof coating during construction and remodeling. Property owners can ensure a strong waterproofing foundation in the bathroom by hiring waterproofing professionals during construction.

Water leakage in the bathroom can not only affect the structural integrity of the walls and roof, but it also causes aesthetic damage. The weakest areas in a bathroom are those that could be prone to water leakage. Sunken slabs, plumbing pipes, wall joints, shower splash area area, tile joints and so forth are all examples.

It is essential to choose the best waterproof flooring to protect the walls and ceiling from water leakages. It can lead to dangerous situations that can prove life-threatening for residents if it is not addressed. There are several waterproofing solutions in Campbelltown or nearby cities such as Wollongong, Liverpool and Mascot, that can help reduce water leakage issues.

2) Stop the development of dangerous germs and fungi like mold.

No matter what the source of water leakage is, water can get into the bathroom and cause mold growth. This could lead to breathing problems, such as wheezing, an eye infection or skin irritation. A person with asthma or another medical condition is at greater risk.

It can be prevented from happening by waterproofing the bathroom. To do this, the bathroom will need to be inspected first by professionals so that they can get an estimate of the cost of waterproofing as well as the source of this infestation. It is possible to prevent the growth of mildew and mold by waterproofing bathroom flooring.

3) Provides insulation and promotes long-term comfort.

Waterproof boarding is great insulation. It will prevent damp forming and leaks. External walls that form part of the bathroom will make it feel colder, especially in winter. This means the bathroom will need to be heated with a higher BTU (British Thermal Unit). This will lead to higher heating costs and ultimately more money. Waterproof boarding will keep the warmth in and help reduce energy bills. The local waterproofing contractor can also waterproof the buildings for the property owner’s peace of mind. This extra protection can help the people in the space feel calmer and less stressed during heavy rainstorms.

4) Reduce the cost of frequent repairs.

Having the bathroom waterproofed can help reduce  frequent repairs due to water damages. Most people apply mortar made of cement and latex, which has neither water-resistant nor elastomeric properties. This mixture does not seal pores in plaster or concrete and is therefore not sustainable. It is wise to choose a bathroom waterproofing solution with an elastomeric coating. This helps resist water ingress and adheres well to concrete slabs and masonry surfaces.

5) Increases the value of the property     

Bathroom waterproofing is expensive. If a person decides to sell a property, it is worth the investment. Buyers will be more interested in properties that have comprehensive waterproofing solutions.

Why choose GJK Waterproofing Services?

Waterproofing in Wollongong and other suburbs of New South Wales is a big problem in many homes and businesses. After years of working with many clients, GJK has perfected the art of waterproofing. GJK is a leading waterproofing company in Sydney. They have completed hundreds of projects in various buildings, which allowed them to refine their skills in sealing the best places to protect. Their work is guaranteed to be long-lasting and satisfactory. They are able to deliver high-quality results and maintain a flexible schedule that caters for client needs because they have a larger team than most residential waterproofing contractors

It’s always better to hire waterproofing professionals. Doing it yourself will only make things worse and end up costing more. GJK Waterproofing Services can help with protecting residential and commercial properties from water damage for many years.

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