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The Functional Characteristics Of Solar Street Lights And Their Applications

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The Functional Characteristics Of Solar Street Lights And Their Applications

November 15
13:06 2022

Functional characteristics of solar street lights

Urban road lighting is closely related to people’s production and life. With the acceleration of urbanization, green, efficient, environmentally friendly and long-life LED street lights have gradually entered people’s production and life; the biggest advantage of solar road lighting is that there is no need to set up transmission lines or dig trenches or lay cables, no need for dedicated management and control, and can be conveniently installed in urban roads, squares, parks, parking lots and highways.

Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, ultra-high brightness LED lighting source with its small size, light weight, good directionality, can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions, in power consumption, service life and environmental protection and other aspects of the incomparable superiority of other light sources, coupled with the energy efficiency of solar lamps and lanterns and easy installation, maintenance, will lead us into a new era of green lighting. Solar street light consists of solar panels, batteries, high-brightness lamps, controllers and other components, with very few moving parts during normal operation and basically no noise. The control circuit in the solar street light controller has basically the same function as the ordinary street light controller, which is to complete the operation of light on at dark and light off at dawn, but the difference is that there is an additional management of charging and discharging the battery.

Application of solar street lights fixtures

Since LED is a DC-powered device, it can be easily made into DC lamps and lanterns, which are widely used in DC power systems, such as solar lighting products. There are three types of LEDs: flat type ultra-high brightness LED, single beam type ultra-high brightness LED and flat type and beam type ultra-high brightness LED combination, because the light produced by single beam type ultra-high brightness LED luminous tube is too directional, the comprehensive visual effect is poor, therefore, flat type ultra-high brightness LED or flat type and beam type ultra-high brightness LED combination should be preferred, multiple LEDs are concentrated together and arranged into a certain regular combination. The combination of multiple LEDs in a row into a certain rule of the LED light source, as the solar street light lighting.


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