Dubai’s leading preowned luxury watch auction house DXB Sky Watches records extraordinary growth year on year.

November 15 17:33 2022
With a constantly updated preowned luxury watch inventory, DXB Sky Watches is proving to be the fastest-growing luxury auction house in Dubai.

The luxury timepieces industry continues to grow, making headlines across continents. People are adding to their luxury watch collections all year round to accentuate their style and sophistication. New luxury brand-name watches have also become investment assets, but they are costly, making them inaccessible to most people.

As a result, a new market, luxury preowned watches, has emerged, giving people an avenue to get their dream watches without spending a fortune on them. In Dubai, one of the world’s luxury capitals, DXB Sky Watches is making this possible. The preowned luxury watch auction house has reported exponential growth since its launch. This speaks to the growing demand for quality preowned luxury timepieces. 

DXB Sky Watches provides buyers with a curated and constantly updated inventory of preowned luxury watches. The auction house has quickly grown into an industry specialist in Dubai, setting the industry ablaze and positioning the company for expansion. DXB Sky Watches provides clients with more than just luxury timepieces; it gives people investment opportunities on valuable preowned watches.

“We are luxury watch enthusiasts sharing our passion and knowledge of the luxury timepiece industry with the world. We want to help people elevate their style, provide a great shopping experience and ensure our customers get the most out of their preowned purchase,” said Mr. Heidar Rostam, CEO of DXB Sky Watches.

The iconic and sophisticated watches symbolize status, fashion sense, and luxury. These preowned timepieces can serve as family heirlooms and statement pieces. DXB Sky Watches works with a professional team to appraise these preowned watches to ensure they are in tip-top condition.

Besides the luxury and sophistication, preowned timepieces provide a more reliable investment since they depreciate slower than new luxury watches that immediately depreciate once purchased. Affordability is also a key benefit of preowned luxury timepieces. Luxury watches are timeless, and, in some instances, some brands might appreciate over time.

About DXB Sky Watches:

DXB Sky Watches is one of the leading providers of preowned luxury watches in Dubai. The company takes pride in pioneering preowned luxury watch auctions. Since its launch in 2020, the company has experienced extraordinary growth with a growing client base and inventory. The company understands the value and sentiment attached to luxury timepieces and delivers the best quality service to clients.

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