Lever.App Is Helping People Take Payment of Their Debts Into Their Own Hands, On Their Own Terms

November 14 12:42 2022
Consumers don’t have an easy and centralized platform to consolidate all their liabilities and pay them off, from student loans to credit cards, Lever.App has options to lower balances and debts on the borrower’s terms. With services such as round-ups to allow paying down the principal balance with spare change on daily purchases, they’re revolutionizing debt repayment.

For many people, having debt is a part of life. Whether it’s a mortgage, student loans, car loans, or even credit card balances, it seems unavoidable. It can also add up quickly, and paying it back and keeping track of all of the different payments gets to be overwhelming and stressful. 

Lever App’s goal is to allow everyday people to pay off liabilities on their own terms, the app is a simplified approach with the best path for managing their payments. Their options can fit all types of loans and debt to make life easier and less stressful. Available on the Apple Appstore and Google PlayStore.


Lever is a company on a mission to empower consumers with a specific focus starting on student loans. They connect directly to the companies that the debts are with in order to apply payments through the ideal repayment plan for the specific borrower. 

It’s important to them that borrowers can repay loans on their own terms instead of the overwhelming and sometimes unrealistic terms of the companies that own the debt. Instead of having a separate login and account for every single loan and debt, Lever combines it into one easy-to-use app, so borrowers never miss a payment or forget a login. 

What Lever offers

Lever has numerous benefits, the most important of which is savings. With their services, clients save an average of $240 a month. Extra payments can be made right through the Lever App to bring the principal balance of a loan down early to pay it off faster and ultimately save even more money on future interest costs. 

Payment amounts can be set by the borrower, so they are manageable and can be changed at any time to pay a loan off faster or save money for a big upcoming expense. As an added bonus, clients can see their credit score on the Lever app to know how their payments are impacting their future borrowing abilities. 

With recent loan forgiveness being passed, Lever will even check if an app user is eligible for it and will find out how much they’re eligible for. They do the work for their customers, all through their easy-to-use app. 


Debt repayment is a necessary task that can be daunting and stressful. With Lever.App, ALL loan and debt repayments are handled through a single app. Consumers get to take control back and see the live benefits of their efforts all in a convenient place on their phones. Everything done in the app is made simple and secure to help reduce those financial stresses and help get borrowers back on track. With the ability to aid with 98% of student loans in the US, Lever can make a major difference for almost everyone. 

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