ACE MADE IT, a top-rated artist and label founder, unveils new project

November 12 09:51 2022
Aspiring Scandinavian artist ACE MADE IT is carving out a name of his own in the creative industry with the release of his new EP that showcases relevant themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and love.

ACE MADE IT, an up-and-coming Scandinavian artist, has announced his upcoming EP that is set to take digital streaming platforms. ACE MADE IT has been working on his forthcoming EP since last summer and is now ready to let people into his new universe. 

“Sully Yourself” is modern international and “future-proof” R&B / hip-hop loaded with melodic, catchy vocals and embraces relevant themes of heartbreak, loneliness, anxiety, love, and finding oneself in a world of social media. The raw and personal universe of his songwriting bears the stamp of everything that goes through the head of a young man in his mid-twenties.

ACE has already released a cinematic short film version of “Sully Made It,” which runs over eight minutes. Now available on YouTube, the track is written, produced, and performed by ACE himself and directed by Ace Que, Emil Damborg, and Victor Nyland. It is edited and graded by Ace Que as well. 

“From graduation, new job, new surroundings, new business, new opportunities, new life, new goals. Letting go of old habits, old ways of thinking, old addictions, old friendships, and old routines. Life happens, and that’s a rough ride. “Sully Yourself” is a collection of 22 songs, depicting my deepest and honest approach to my trials and tribulations,” wrote ACE.

“Sully Made It” earned global recognition upon its release on the digital platform, with fans lauding ACE for its catchy vocals and unique themes. Benjamin McGee, in a review, wrote: “This video is my soulmate. Can’t wait for the album.”

ACE released two singles over the summer, respectively, “She Don’t Want No Love” & “Soulmate” as the kick-off for his upcoming EP with an accompanying music video. His team intends to shoot two music videos in November and December, and the aspiration is sky-high. 

The first video will be based on his upcoming single from the EP, which deals with a renewed feeling of love and wanting to take a chance. In the video, there is a particular focus on the fact that women have desires and thoughts and must be allowed to express them without being seen as objects. The video is filled with metaphors, double meanings, and symbolism which invite free interpretation and which will help form the framework and create the universe for “Contagious'” sound. 

Apart from being an artist and producer, ACE is a passionate filmmaker and songwriter with a creative flair. Those who wish to collaborate with ACE may send a direct message right away to get started. Others who want to learn more about ACE MADE IT may visit his Instagram page at or follow his other social channels for more information. 

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