Born Storyteller and Indian Author Umesh Moudgil Tackles Real-World Issues in Novels Deliverance and Brothers in Arms

November 12 06:12 2022
Having emigrated to the United Kingdom from India at five years old, author Umesh Moudgil witnessed racism firsthand growing up in the 70s. He uses that knowledge to make his characters’ situations more emotional and realistic.

The Indian storyteller strives to help his readers understand how certain events in one’s life can change them. Through his novels Brothers in Arms and Deliverance, author Umesh Moudgil forms a special relationship with his readers, taking them on a journey of discovery and understanding. 

The author lives with his wife and three children. He uses writing as a healthy form of self-expression, where he can bring his characters to life with depth and emotion. Moudgil’s beliefs are reflected in his writing and his characters’ positive actions. 

Brothers in Arms

The colour of one’s skin or where they come from should never affect how others view them. The unfortunate reality is that the world changed after September 2001 — particularly for people of color. Follow the story of Aman, a young British Asian man who fights for loyalty, love, and honor. 

Umesh Moudgil was nominated for an Anisfield Wolf book award in the US for diversity and the author has recently completed a pilot screenplay to pitch to TV studios. It’s safe to say the world will hear more of Moudgil. 

Austin Macauley Publishers presents: Brothers in Arms by Umesh Moudgil

“Brothers in arms do not care about the colour of your skin; for them, it is about the loyalty you have for one another. When you are in the heat of the battle, who cares if the person fighting next to you is from a different religion; he is your brother, he has your back and will die and fight with you,” the book’s description reads.


The author said he wrote Deliverance at a dark mental health point in his own life. The process of writing the novel allowed him to heal as he went through the process of storytelling. By the end of the book, he felt he better understood himself and his own triggers. 

Deliverance, published by New Generation Publisher and now available on Amazon Kindle, answers the question, “Is there life after death, and do our deeds decide where our souls will move to next?” Follow Raj as he faces his demons and finds the emotional release he desperately needs to make peace with the people he loves. Reviewers praised the novel, calling it full of love, passion, and humor. 


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