The Benefits of Playing Sudoku Online According to

November 01 21:21 2022
The Benefits of Playing Sudoku Online According to

Countless individuals play games on their phones every day. They do so to pass the time, only to discover they have spent hours playing and not getting other things done. This time isn’t wasted, however, as these games come with many benefits. 

Games that challenge a person to think will improve memory. They also increase productivity. However, these are only two of several benefits and a person can find out here now about exciting games that boost their brainpower. What other benefits might a person see by playing these games?  

Social Connections

Many online games allow people to connect and play together. This provides a way to form new social connections, which is of great benefit to individuals who may otherwise be isolated. Seniors can play games online with family members, or a person may form new connections with people across the globe. They can learn about the culture as they play a game against someone in another country. 

Increased Attention Span

According to one study, the attention span of humans today is only 8.25 seconds. Compare this to a goldfish, which has an attention span of 9 seconds, and it is easy to see why many people find this statistic concerning. Although there is some debate over the validity of the study, any person will benefit from an increased attention span. Playing brain games helps to increase this mental ability. 

Improved Reaction Time

Brain training games improve a person’s speed, attention, and reaction time. While this may not translate into a faster physical reaction time, it becomes of great help when a person must make a decision. They are able to do so confidently and efficiently. 

Improved Literacy

Many games help improve literacy. For instance, some games are similar to Scrabble. The person must come up with a word and try to get more points with this word than their opponent. Other games focus on math skills, such as Sudoku. In fact, this game has become so popular, International Sudoku Day was founded in 2013. It is one of many games offered by Arkadium today. Others include crossword puzzles and strategy games.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

According to, brain training games improve a person’s verbal learning and reasoning. Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease find they are better able to complete daily tasks when they play these games regularly. Experts recommend playing brain games five days a week to see the best results. 

Choosing a Brain Game

All online games are not created alike. When choosing a brain training game, look for one that measures performance and offers a variety of challenges. Men and women who do so find they get the most from playing online games of this type. 

Physical games provide many of the same benefits. However, online games should never be discounted, as a person can play them anywhere they have access to a computer or mobile device. They can also connect with others when being in the same location is impossible. Learn more today about the mental benefits of brain games. Those who do will want to start playing these games right away. 

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