Ukrainian Startup 3×4 Leading the Next Evolution of Philanthropy into the Web3 Space

November 01 07:48 2022
The market and methods of philanthropy get an update with the help of Ukrainian startup 3×4. The company makes donations and fundraising more transparent using Web3 technology and the blockchain to verify all transactions.

The founders of 3×4 work to gamify the process of fundraising with Web3 technology, engaging an active community of people with a passion for charitable causes. With 3×4, users can donate to their chosen charities using fait or cryptocurrency, with the option to buy NFT art with 30 percent donated to the selected charity. 

“For our first fundraising event, we have teamed up with Children of Heroes in collaboration with Ukrainian artists to raise money to help rebuild the lives of children who have lost one or more parents,” 3×4 Co-Founder and CMO Steve Jones said.  

At 3×4, art, technology, and philanthropic fundraising merge into an innovative altruistic platform designed to offer tangible assets and transparent donations. Working in collaboration with nonprofit organizations, brands, and artists, 3×4 utilizes NFT(C)s to provide utility to donors and collectors. 

The next evolution of philanthropy

The industry experts at 3×4 seek to revolutionize philanthropy by offering a new way to engage donors, supporting and growing worldwide altruism in the Web3 space. As the economy continues to evolve and more eCommerce takes place on the blockchain, charitable efforts need to adapt to the technology. 3×4 seeks to create engaged communities with a passionate enthusiasm for the campaigns they support. 

By leveraging the power and popularity of NFT art, 3×4 makes it possible to support worthy causes in a transparent, verified blockchain ecosystem while securing tangible assets. Currently, several captivating NFT artworks are available on the 3×4 marketplace, and 30 percent of each sale will benefit the Children of Heroes campaign to rebuild the lives of Ukrainian children who lost one or both parents in the recent conflict. 

“Something unique about the 3×4 model is that the art is on auction until the fundraiser is closed, so every piece of art bought automatically increases 3x for the next buyer,” Jones said. “If someone outbids you, you make money off the sales, and the charity makes 3x, we are calling this ‘give to earn'”

Using art as a means to the philanthropic revolution

Artists, creatives, and brands gain a unique opportunity with 3×4 to work with some of the world’s most impactful nonprofits. The additional exposure not long allows them to be part of something bigger — a philanthropic revolution — but also to have their art seen, discussed, and understood. 

Creators start the 3×4 process by creating visually stunning art. They then review the available fundraisers and choose where they’d like to place their support. The artwork is uploaded to the 3×4 marketplace, and a price is set. Then the artist promotes the auction to raise awareness and increase visibility. 

Get 3×4 on the iOS App Store

The innovative fundraising platform built by 3×4 is available for download on the Apple iOS App Store. Download it and browse NFT art or look for an impactful cause to support. 


To learn more about 3×4 and its efforts to help lead philanthropy into the next evolution, visit the website or connect on social media at Twitter and Instagram

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