From Cave Paintings to Contemporary Art: KIDDIO Launches Arts and Crafts Classes for Preschoolers

August 19 19:12 2022
KIDDIO is an online learning service teaching art classes on the base of art history

KIDDIO is excited to introduce live online art classes for preschoolers and elementary students. The curriculum is designed for art, cultural, and aesthetic development to propel creative abilities, social skills, and character building for kids from 3 to 9 years old. Age-appropriate but rigorous, this program challenges kids outside the traditional learning that they are being exposed to.

Developed by art specialists and experienced educators, KIDDIO online art classes teach the fundamentals of multiple art-making processes through interpretive-friendly projects. Game-based educational design promotes better engagement and boosts motivation. Learning  in small, up to 6 learners in a group, children grow their communication skills but still get a lot of individual attention.

KIDDIO’s Arts & Crafts program is based on the art history chronology which introduces kids to periods, movements, and big artists at an understandable level. From prehistoric times to nowadays, kids travel through the ancient world, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and on to Modern and contemporary art. Each lesson is built around a theme that helps expand the cultural and social perspectives of the preschoolers and early elementary students.

“Learners grow their confidence, self-reliance, creativity, systemic thinking, and become artistically empowered,” says Andrew Grechkin, CEO and Founder of KIDDIO.

According to KIDDIO curriculum developers, learning about art pieces, countries and cultures helps kids form connections between their daily lives and the art. The rich lessons are also a great way to help children explore different cultures and locations without ever leaving home.

KIDDIO online art classes for preschoolers and elementary students nurture aesthetic-sense development, fine-motor skills, artistic, and personal empowerment. In these classes, kids do all the work independently, and since there are no strict rules in art, all projects are interpretive-friendly. 

Arts & Crafts lessons are tailored to introduce kids to a variety of artistic techniques and provide guidance to help the children shape their own ideas. KIDDIO instructors focus on practical and theoretical aspects of culture and art creating. “We teach a wide range of art techniques from reusing everyday objects to classical practices like painting with gouache or clay modeling,” says Tanya Karamyan, consultant on art history and cultural studies.

Every lesson consists of a presentation about an artist or art period and an art project planned around the lesson’s theme – the whole process is a well-rounded journey that leads the children to an artistic challenge. 

Parents share that their children are enthusiastic about working on their art projects during KIDDIO Arts & Crafts classes and continue playing with the pieces that they have made in their arts and crafts classes. KIDDIO is determined to help kids enjoy their online learning experience and build a strong sense of self-motivation in studying.

Discover more about the program on the website and our social channels.

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