Memphis Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Save Client’s Tree from Death

June 21 20:48 2022

Memphis, Tennesee – When one of the trees on Alex’s landscape developed an unexpected health problem, the homeowner did not realize what was going on until two weeks later. By then, the tree looked so unhealthy that it was impossible to comprehend saving it.

When the family reached out to Memphis Tree Service Experts,” said Alex, “the goal was to book a tree removal procedure. The family wanted to get rid of the tree and using Memphis Tree Service Experts seemed like a good idea—the company had improved the trees on this landscape for more than a decade.”

When Memphis Tree Service Experts learned that the homeowner wanted to remove the tree because it had a health problem, the company reportedly decided to first send an arborist instead of sending a tree removal team straight up. The goal was to determine whether the tree could be saved.

The company is always against tree removal,” said the company’s CEO. “The company was established more than 25 years to save trees and expand their lifespans. For this reason, tree removal is only reserved for cases where the trees cannot be saved—this includes cases where the tree has turned into a hazard, the tree is dead, the tree is damaging the landscape, or the tree is outgrowing its allocated space.”

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When the arborist inspected Alex’s tree, he realized that the disease had not affected all the branches. This meant that removing the affected branches could restore the tree’s health.

When the company communicated that tree pruning could save the tree,” said Alex, “the family was overly impressed. In the first place, the family did not want to lose the tree. What’s more, tree pruning would come with a much lower quotation compared to tree removal. For these reasons, the family immediately decided to give tree pruning a try.”

The company’s team of tree cutting professionals arrived at exactly 7 am today to catch the homeowner before he left for work. The team gave him a detailed explanation of how the team would save the tree.

The team mentioned that the tree pruning would involve the removal of all the infected branches,” said Alex. “The chief of field operations also noted that the team would disinfect the woods to ensure the bacteria did not spread even after branch removal.”

When Alex came back from home, he was surprised to see the improvement on his tree. The company did not just focus on removing the diseased branches—the team of tree cutting professionals went ahead and improved the tree’s appearance. The homeowner was also surprised to see that all the branches removed from the tree crown were gone—his landscape looked much better than it did when he left.

At first,” said Alex, “the family was worried that the tree would look haggard after the tree pruning procedure. This concern was large because the infected branches were spread out on the tree unevenly. Removing these branches looked like it would create a less than ideal shape. However, Memphis Tree Service Experts went ahead and adjusted the branches left on the crown.”

The homeowner noted that he was very positive the tree would recover fully. He trusted Memphis Tree Service Experts—after using the company for more than 10 years, he had never received less than ideal results from the company.

Memphis Tree Service Experts has its base of operation at 3080 Crump Ave, Memphis, TN 38112, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 901-441-7899 and [email protected]

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