Unveiling “Foreign Behavior” A Consummate Professional Filling The Music Lovers With A Higher Level Of Satisfaction

April 13 08:00 2021
Foreign Behavior was born on march 11, 1981. she is Currently Into Singing, Collaborating With Other Songwriters And Rapper, Other Artists, Sound Engineers, And Producers.

April 12, 2021 – Unveiling “Foreign Behavior,” a top-notch Female artist from Bay Area.She is a singer with exceptional singing skills, and she is also a wellness expert and accomplished female entrepreneur. Though she has always been known for being influential through writing in general, capturing all her readers’ interest via social media, nothing has changed as she transforms that same energy into her music.

At age 11, Foreign Behavior started his music career, as she was dancing with her sister and two other girls mimicking Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This passion evolved into songwriting, rapping, and making music. Foreign Behavior was given birth to on the march 11, 1981. From a multicultural background emerges her art and love for music as he started his career as a teenager performing music in his hometown.

What makes me different from most artists is that I don’t plan to make my artists struggle through my rapping growing pains before they get an album out of me that they like; I’m already older, I’m already wiser… I’m cutting to the chase!

Her lyrics cut straight from her heart and real-life experiences and released heartfelt. She is influenced by what most would define as different since she is a female in her Rap idol American rapper. Up and coming with purposive intentions and perseverance, she is ready to rub elbows with the entire top artist.

“To me, as a female rapper… It builds my confidence because of what I rap about. I get to talk about where I have been, where I’m trying to go with no backlash, I mean unless they wanna write a disc rap. I feel good when I rap about my image, the designer, the jewelry, and the foreign whips. You can only do that when you’re confident. That’s what the rap industry does for me.” Say Foreign Behavior

Melodic and rhythmic in her flows, Foreign Behavior has graced many singing occasions and has performed excellently well. She aims to illustrate a vision about her most significant projects through her new album, which will be released on April 15, 2021.

4oreignbehavioris currently into Singing, collaborating with other songwriters and rappers, other artists, sound engineers, and producers.

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