Wailuku Maui Dentist Sits Down For an Interview Regarding Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants

March 02 16:10 2021
Wailuku Maui Dentist Sits Down For an Interview Regarding Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants

Wailuku Maui Dentist Dr. Michael Miyamoto.
Dr. Michael Miyamoto, a reputable dentist from Wailuku in Maui, HI, expounds on how cosmetic dentistry can correct chipped, cracked, spaced and discolored teeth. It transforms a person’s smile, boosting his or her confidence and enhances one’s overall health.

During a newly released interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Michael Miyamoto, owner of Miyamoto Dental Design Suite in Wailuku, Maui, HI, talked about how missing teeth are never solely a cosmetic and bite complication. Ailments, including bone loss, jaw pain, recurring migraines, not to mention shoulder joint pain, can be a result from missing teeth.

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The American Dental Association confirmed that a regular man or woman aged 20 through 64 has around 3 decayed or missing teeth. This dilemma impacts biting and has an impact on the rest of the teeth in a damaging way. Deficient dental health typically tends to create even more damage to systemic health.

Dr. Miyamoto points out, “Folks troubled by very poor oral health or missing teeth possess more critical problems to be bothered about. Jaw pain, headaches, bone elimination inside the mouth, plus a vulnerable immune system could possibly develop. Tooth ailments normally result in heart, respiratory and liver illnesses, not to mention pre-mature or still-born infants during pregnancies.”

Focused on greater issues that develop over time for people who neglect consistent oral exams, Dr. Miyamoto’s office provides an absolutely free dental consultation, exam and X-rays for new patients.

Dr. Miyamoto’s office has a variety of selections for missing teeth, consisting of implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with professional features that they need to be comfortable and get effective results.

“When helping patients have a healthier mouth, trying to keep the teeth without the need of excessive dental work is a main concern,” said Dr. Miyamoto.

“Those individuals who suffer from the repercussions associated with missing teeth are able to find a number of different treatments at my dental office for just about any expense plan, notably by using the advancement of dental technological innovation!”

Tim B., one of Dr. Miyamoto’s patients, said: “I want to highly recommend Dr. Michael Miyamoto , along with his courteous and personable staff at his Wailuku, Maui Dental Office.

Dr. Mike is very trustworthy, understanding, soft spoken, level headed, extremely good with the needle, and the best dentist I believe I have ever had in the past 50 years!

Outside aiding the patients at Miyamoto Dental Design Suite, Dr. Miyamoto has been running events to help the local community, that include local events, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns working with local charitable organizations and food banks. He has been featured on National News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS on account of his community welfare efforts.

Read more about Dr. Miyamoto’s dental practice, which services the locals in Maui, Wailuku, and nearby regional areas, and check out Google Business for more info: https://g.page/r/CXPH3meEbpQfEBA

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