Glow and Grow Is The 3-In-1 Sonic Makeup Removal System That Makes The Life Of Every Woman Easier

September 24 18:10 2019
Glow and Grow is launching on Kickstarter, offering everyone an opportunity to have this innovative product at a low price. The device works for removing makeup, facial treatment, and face cleansing

USA People have to put on makeup every day, to make them look beautiful and attractive. The challenge is taking the makeup off completely. Now, a new revolutionary device has been launched that will make every woman’s world a little better.

Glow and Grow is the 3-in-1 Sonic Makeup Removal System that completely gets rid of makeup in the face without leaving any residue. The 3-in-1 sonic device that works as makeup removal, facial treatment, and facial cleaning.

Within only 90 seconds, this device with multiple settings pressure sensitivity will leave the face looking fresh and clean. It is gentle for the most sensitive skin, very compact, and packed with groundbreaking technology.

Glow and Grow is now crowdfunding to give everyone an opportunity to get it at a reasonable price. To support the project on Kickstarter, click here.

What makes Glow and Grow shine bright among similar products is innovative technology, simplicity, and ease of use. The product is safe for the skin, as the intelligent sensor keeps users from pushing too hard to damage their skin.

Users can also get professional spa treatment from this device by making use of the hot and cold mode. The heating mode gets up to 42 degrees to relax the skin and help nutrients sink in. The cooling mode reduces the device to about 3 degrees, for the perfect cold facial treatment. Glow and Grow makes use of wireless charging.

With SkinPure Technology, the device is guaranteed to remove at least 99.89% of dead skin, dirt, and makeup residue. It’s also easy to apply. The soft silicone head can be rotated in 360 degrees spin and vibration, to deliver an effective facial cleaning that reaches even the most sensitive areas of the face.

Glow and Grow is available in purple, black, and pink, and will last for one week after a full charge. In every pack, users are going to get cleaning head, portable handle, cooling and charging base, portable docking, silicone cleaning head, adaptor, and EVA storage box.

There are nine options for supporters to take part in the project, ranging from $9 to $309. Every item is guaranteed of top quality, making sure that makeup removal and facial treatment are no more a nightmare for every woman.

For more information, please visit here.

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