Everyone Can Now Charge Mobile Devices Easier And Faster With Snapon’s Innovative Wireless And Magnetic Charging Technology

September 24 18:06 2019
Charging mobile devices can be a nightmare. Now, Snapon is introducing a magnetic charger with three detachable plugs, to ensure effective charging of devices at record speed

Mobile devices have become an important part of our lives. We use them for work, playing games, reading, and chatting with family and friends. While devices are getting better in the past decade, the same cannot be said of charging cords.

Introducing Snapon, the 4-In-1 magnetic USB charging cable with a wireless pad. The device comes with 3 Detachable plugs for Lightning, Type-C, and Micro-USB charging options. It also has a wireless charging pad for smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and several other mobile devices.

With Snapon, there is no issue with charging ports since users don’t have to force it in the phone anymore; the powerful magnet will locate the base of the phone, snap, and begins to charge instantly.

Snapon is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter and everyone can take part by supporting the project.

This modern charging cable comes with innovative capabilities, loaded with the latest and modern technology. The technology is created specifically to solve everyday problems anyone could have with while trying to charge their device.

Snapon ensures fast wireless charging so that within a few minutes, the device is already charged to the full. Users can also charge two devices at the same time, the magnet is so strong the cable never falls, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted charging.

With this charging device, no more repeated plugging and pulling that wears and tears both the charger and the charging port of the cellphone, which can lead to extra expenses. No more fear of water and dust damaging the phones, as the charger makes the device water and dust resistant.

Blind Plug experience is one of those things that makes a difference with such an innovative product like Snapon. Whether it’s late at night in the room, driving, or caring for the baby, with just one hand and very little effort, the user can get their device charging quickly.

Snapon is also very strong, as it is made from high-quality premium materials that deliver 5V/2.4A high-speed USB charging, faster than other common cables in the market. During certain circumstances like an accidental drop or bump during charging, the device easily disconnects the phone and prevents it from falling on the ground or damaging it. Snapon has undergone 5,000 bending tests and supported with reinforced ends, and high-quality nylon, which prevents damage and ensures that it lasts long.

To learn more or support the project, please click here.

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