Ivacy VPN Endorsed As The Best Gaming VPN By Gamersorigin

September 24 21:21 2019

GamersOrigin endorses Ivacy as its Official Gaming VPN Partner. Ivacy’s reputation precedes it. More and more big names continue to climb aboard. This goes on to show the potential Ivacy VPN has in terms of service, reliability and commitment as a cybersecurity suite.

GamersOrigin, is one of the French leading names in the online e-sports club world, has endorsed Ivacy VPN as the best Gaming VPN for its fast, secure, and professional service. This is a huge compliment from the French gaming organisation who participates in tournaments around the globe featuring games like Street Fighter, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Fortnite, Soulcalibur, etc. Seeing the club’s potential for spreading the word for internet freedom, security and privacy, it was only logical for GamersOrigin and Ivacy VPN to join hands for the greater good.

The partnership will allow GamersOrigin customers to be secure while playing online and in tournaments. The VPN service will provide gamers with important protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It stops direct attacks against gamers and allows people to avoid geographical restrictions.

The partnership between GamersOrigin and Ivacy is just another reason why those looking to safeguard their online privacy should choose the experts. Ivacy which has won an award for Best Speed at an event held at Las Vegas in 2019, provides a secure service that can be used anywhere without slowing down the gamer’s device.

With the increase in cybercrime, and millions of people being targeted each day, surfing online has now become dangerous. Ivacy with their secure VPN service allows gamers and people surfing online to lock down their sensitive information and avoid being a target.

When asked why a VPN service was important, a spokesman from Ivacy explained: “Our VPN service provides our customers with an extra level of protection against hackers. It allows people to surf online safely by having their information encrypted.” – Adeeb Aslam

No matter what device a person is using, or what country they are in, they can always be secure online through signing up with Ivacy VPN. It will not slowdown bandwidth and provides the perfect solution for gamers.

To learn more about Ivacy VPN, please visit https://www.ivacy.com/gaming-vpn/

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Ivacy offers the Speediest Gaming VPN in the industry. Their advanced infrastructure which comprises of, ultra-fast P2P optimized servers built for speed and stability, can be credited for this unmatchable record. The speed factor alone makes Ivacy the best VPN for gaming.

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