Independent Women Summit Promotes the IWS 2019 Event by Valerie Prasetyo

September 24 21:15 2019
Opening doors for the acquisition of effective business and investment knowledge

Independent Women Summit is today promoting the IWS 2019 event that will be held on November 9, 2019, in Dubai. This event will grant local businesses and entrepreneurs within the transformed state of Dubai an opportunity to gain adequate knowledge about business and investment. People will also be educated on the principles of wealth and success that will help them achieve financial freedom.

“There is nothing more valuable than freedom. The IWS mission is to help people find their way to financial freedom, to help achieve a position in life where they can choose with whom to work, on what, where, and when – so they can create a life based on their own terms and conditions; to experience all facets of it, be independent, be free and self-actualized,” notes Valerie Prasetyo, author of the book “Unleash Your Inner Champion” and founder of Independent Women Summit.

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IWS is a full-day event with incredible content. It features award-winning speakers, serial entrepreneurs, passive wealth experts, investors, coaches and market leaders. IWS attendees will have the opportunity to learn strategies and get tools how they can grow and expand their business, as well as build the best life they aspire.

There will be also a practical session that will help participants rediscover their true passion and higher purpose in life.

“The IWS is an amazing annual summit where you can see successful speakers who educate you on how to expand your business. I attended the IWS event last year and made some contacts that were extremely beneficial to my life and business. I will most certainly be attending the IWS 2019 and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Independent Women Summit,” notes Dunja Hamdi.

If you are interested in the middle eastern market or you are a business/entrepreneur who would like to widen the borders of your business and bring it into the international arena, IWS is the right Event to attend!

To get a ticket to the IWS 2019 event please click on this website:

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