A Brief Guide Regarding How To Transfer A Vehicle To The Child And Get Them Insured

November 16 22:12 2022

It is a simple process to transfer vehicles to their children or any other person and get them insured. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how they can transfer their ownership. They need to know the whole process in order to get their loved ones insured.

In addition, the vehicle must be listed under their name; the insurance might only be transferred. It is essential that the children must be 18 plus to drive legally and if they have learner insurance so parents can’t transfer policy to them. The whole process requires some things such as:

  • Auto title rates for adult drives
  • Transferring process of a vehicle insurance

Parents need to find auto insurance for their children after transferring a vehicle title. However, the cost depends on various factors like the teen’s age, what car they drive, etc.

Document List Required for Title Transfer

Some documents are necessary in order to complete the ownership transfer in a proper way. Here is a complete list of doc:

1.      PUC or Pollution certificate

PUC is mandatory to ensure that a vehicle or car has followed pollution control related rules.

2.      Vehicle registration certificate

This certificate is compulsory to transfer ownership titles. The parent needs to give the registration certificate to the child.

3.      Insurance certificate

This document is crucial for all kinds of vehicles. According to RTO office rules, people are not allowed registration without a valid insurance certificate.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com, lists a few other documents that are required to transfer their ownership:

  • Address proof
  • Passport-size photo of both them and the child
  • Original RC to ensure that vehicle belongs to them
  • Car’s inspection report by the insurance provider

How Do Parents Transfer Vehicle Titles to Their Children?

Parents should transfer their car ownership to their child if they are keen to list the car under their child’s name. Furthermore, car insurance is a legal document that provides coverage to the vehicle owner. Folks will have to visit their city’s Motor Vehicles’ local department and register their name for this procedure.

Why should people give their vehicle ownership to their children?

Car insurance can financially secure a vehicle from a road accident and other risks. If the child drives the most instead of them, it is good to transfer their ownership to the teen, as there is no valid point in keeping the vehicle title policy with them. The policy is beneficial for the teen for many reasons, such as;

  • If, unfortunately, the car meets with an accident and the teen drives the car so they can get accident coverage
  • The insurance provider compensates the family if any misshaping is like a child’s demise because of the accident.
  • Free treatment for hospitalization

How Do Parents Transfer Their Car Title Policy to Their Loved Ones?

Individuals have to follow the rules and regulations of RTO and go through the complete process of car insurance transfer even if they give their ownership to their child.

The whole process is similar to the general vehicle transfer policy, but the only difference is that their child will not need to pay sales taxes for the car. As every state’s rules are different, it is vital to visit the DMV of their state for particular procedures.

How to Transfer the Title if One Lives Out of the State?

The procedure of transferring an insurance policy to another state is not complex. People are required to meet their state DMV and the DMV of the state where the child lives to ensure that the documented procedure will be completed in an appropriate way.

However, as the rules of every state are different, there is a possibility that the policy is not valid in the state where their family member lives.

In addition, according to IRDAI or the insurance regulatory and Development Authority of India, the address and name on insurance documents and the registration certificate must be matched to get the claim.

How Does the Car Transfer Policy Work?

It is important to have a car bill of sale in order to buy a car for their child. Therefore, this document includes the following:

  • Vehicle Model
  • Warranty
  • Purchase price of the car
  • Odometer reading at buying time
  • The vehicle identification number or VIN
  • The manufacture year of the vehicle

A bill of sale shows that the transfer is done legally and vehicle policy is transferred to the right person. 

How Does Vehicle Inheritance Work?

People will have to do some paperwork to do the policy transfer process appropriately. However, this procedure is quite distinct from how one might put a vehicle in any other person’s name. In addition, if their child inherited their car, they probably pay a sales tax. Still, the cost depends on their specific state.

The Vehicle Policy Transfer Process

Before transferring their vehicle to a child, make sure that the four-wheeler is listed under their name. After that, one can start the procedure.

First, people should know they transfer their policy only if the child has the full license instead of a learner’s permit. After that, people can do various things to save money, whether they add them to their current policy or their child buys new coverage.

Average Price of Auto Insurance for Teens

Parents should expect the rates to go up if they add their child to their exciting insurance policy. The reason is that youth are considered high-risk drivers, so the risk chances are high, and policy providers take a considerable risk, so obviously, they increase the insurance price.

What Kind of Risks That a Teen Driver Faces?

As teens don’t experience driving, the risk of accidents is high. In addition, over time, teens will spend more time, so the risk will automatically lower, and the policy prices will decrease.


People can’t usually add their child if they have a learner permit, as not all auto insurance companies allow them. But if their child has learner insurance, one can contact the company because there may be policies that are beneficial for them.

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