3D Printing in Dentistry and Dental Implants at Kremer Dental Care

November 16 20:03 2022

Chico, CA – Kremer Dental Care always stays up-to-date on the top technology in the industry, and they are excited to announce they have a 3D printer in their office. 3D printing is revolutionizing the industry, allowing dentists to create a wide range of dental appliances in their offices, providing a faster and better patient experience.

The SprintRay Pro5S 3D Printer has the ability to create a variety of dental appliances, including night guards, aligners, dentures, crowns, and implants. 3D printing gives office gives dentists more freedom over the color, design, and quality of the appliance.


3D printing allows for a better patient experience in more ways than one. Using digital workflows allows Kremer Dental Care to cater to guests’ needs even better. Each product created by the 3D printer is tailored exactly to the patient’s needs and is precisely detailed. The process goes much faster than sending scans to a lab and waiting for the product to be delivered to the office. What used to take months can now be produced in hours or minutes. The quality and convenience are unmatched.

3D printing is the manufacturing of solid, three-dimensional objects from a computer-generated design. During the process, layers of material are built on top of each other to create the object. 3D printing features printers that use a light or laser that polymerize material with computer-guided technology.

In dentistry, 3D printers create a variety of dental appliances such as aligners, night guards, dental prosthetics, crowns for dental implants, veneers, dentures, and more.

About Kremer Dental Care:

Kremer Dental Care is located in Chico, CA, and has served the North State for over 20 years. They provide all phases of dentistry, specializing in cosmetic and restorative implant dentistry. Dr. Kevin Kremer is one of only 2% of dentists nationwide certified by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the leading dental facility for advanced training in modern dentistry. He has over 25 years of experience in dentistry with 20 years of experience in implant dentistry.

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