Farshid Sistani set to revolutionize the medical profession with his software database currently in development

November 15 14:44 2022

Farshid Sistani is a Swedish, gifted MedTech entrepreneur and Medical Doctor who is on course to revolutionize the medical profession with his software database currently in development.

Simplified for the layman, MedTech, or medical technology, is every product, service, or solution using medical technology to improve people’s health by preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease. Nowadays, medical technology is so common and so integrated into our everyday life that it is difficult to imagine living without this technology.

Contributing his expertise to medical technology, Farshid Sistani and his team of 3 experts are working on releasing a new digital platform app for iOS and android. The software will be a database for medical professions, mainly for doctors, nurses and students. It will include the latest medical guidelines, emergency care at a glance and the latest research articles.

It is said that information is the most powerful tool against disease, and Farshid is set to provide the best of it for the medical profession. ”We are planing to release the app in early 2023. At the moment we are trying to gain support from medical universities in the Nordic countries”, said Farshid.

Farshid, 36, who currently resides in Iceland, revealed his interest for medicine began from elementary school. ”I was interested in science subjects. My GP was wonderful and she motivated me to become a doctor”, he said.  Farshid has had 11 extraordinary years so far in medicine which he’s currently complementing with MedTech. ”Medical profession is lifestyle. What’s great with the profession is how you grow as a human as you help people with their health issues. I’ve gained lots of knowledge from the field and met lots of good colleagues throughout the years. I’ve huge support from my colleagues and still in touch with most of them till this day” he said.

When Farshid is not working, he spends his time with his lovely family and pets. ”We have 4 dogs and a very busy schedule. During weekends we go on hiking and meeting with friends. We try to travel as much as we can whenever I’m free for several days”.

It is said that every hero may not be a doctor but every doctor is a hero. As a physician in Iceland, Belgium and Spain, Farshid Sistani is not just a hero in the clinic these days, he’s also saving lives with MedTech and making as much impact as he does in the clinic. 

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