Unboxing a brand new board game: Vast Space.

November 15 13:02 2022

First, take a look at its appearance.

Several different forms of planets are printed on the box, creating much science fiction sense. Relevant information is also marked on the box, including the age, the number of players, and average playtime.


Next, open the box, and you can see the instructions and game wheel.

The well-written instructions are interspersed with nice pictures and contain detailed contents. Detailed descriptions of each location are displayed on the board. A list of accessories is also available to help you better collect these accessories.


The game wheel also plays an essential role in the board game, for it points to different wormholes.Numbers are marked on this delicate designed quad-fold game board, and these numbers represent land cards with different numbers.

Then you will find many game accessories:

● Four dice are provided to move and fight on the board.

● A bag of 6 color precious stones. These smooth and transparent stones with rounded corners are made of acrylic.

● Some landmark indicators and resources.

● 6 die-cut pieces in the shape of a spaceship.

● A dozen of land cards. Besides standard configuration, 3 reserve cards and 6 blank cards are also contained, and you can use them in board combinations under free mode.

● Event cards, plot cards, task cards, and quiz cards.

● 6 player panels are provided to make it more convenient to configure your individual camps.

source: https://www.chinaboardgame.com/news/vast-space-unbox-it/


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