Award-Winning Illustrator launches Multicultural Greeting Card & Gift Company, Beyoutifully Brown

November 15 15:21 2022
Beautiful Greeting Cards & Gifts featuring original art, Multicultural and African American designs, and a way to give back just in time for Christmas & Holiday shopping

November 15, 2022 – Illustrator/Mom/Volunteer/Business Woman, Charissa Snow, launches the Stationery & Gift Company, Beyoutifully Brown today following a soft launch on September 1st. The Los Angeles based company is positioned to meet the continuing need of having people of color authentically and abundantly represented in the gift industry while focusing on premium design, sustainability and direct-to-recipient delivery options, giving it a unique edge in the marketplace. Their debut offering includes Greeting Cards, Stationery, Calendars, Journals and Gift Tags. Customers have options to personalize cards with a signature, business and/or logo for a custom look and added value.

Although Founder Snow is new to the direct-to-consumer market, she’s been working and creating “behind the scenes” through wholesale, licensing and private label partnerships with well-known brands since 2011. Her signature-style and the innovations of her design team have received many accolades over the years, making this launch a highly anticipated one. Snow’s roots in illustration and design are on full display with many Beyoutifully Brown products featuring her original artwork, hand embellishments, textured details, shimmering metallic paints, glitter or jewel accents and premium envelopes to create special keepsakes. Their Christmas & Holiday Collection includes limited edition products available now through December 31st at

“We represent the notion that each moment is a memory rich in detail and character and that life is too abundant to compromise the delightful ride with digital nods, generic messaging or predictable imagery that doesn’t reflect our beautiful skin tones, distinct voices, pride, awesome hair, diverse shapes and fabulous flair…” notes Founder Snow

The goal is INCLUSIVITY. Most people have friends, colleagues, loved ones and family members that are people of color but oftentimes when picking up greeting cards on the fly, the products with darker skin tones or realistic features are limited, uninspiring or non-existent. Beyoutifully Brown is committed to changing that as the go-to supplier to customers and retailers for premium multicultural stationery & gift products. “We ARE the communities of color that are reflected in our vibrant illustrations and distinct messaging – that includes ownership, designers and writers,” says Founder Snow. “Our collections are designed to provide fresh, authentic ways to celebrate, inspire, and to deepen our connections with those we value most — including ourselves —using beautiful and relatable illustrations, heart, humor, humanity and messages of culture, faith, pride, love, and community.”

Beyoutifully Brown is also a socially and environmentally conscious business. Sustainability and giving back are at the core of their ethos and they pledge 10% of the proceeds from greeting card sales to organizations and initiatives that are dedicated to social and economic equity, racial injustices, and civil education and engagement. “More consumers of all backgrounds are making purchasing choices in line with their values… that includes a preference for local eco-friendly goods and an appreciation for the diversity of our society and correlating representation. Beyoutifully Brown is a company that consumers can feel good about,” says Founder Snow

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