Established Dog Product Company PawPang Introduces Brand New Product Packaging Attracting More Customers To Their Online Store

November 14 12:36 2022

PawPang launches new vibrant and adorable packaging for their range of dog diaper pads, creating a buzz around the dog lovers’ circle.

PawPang is one of the leading dog product manufacturers in the country, producing the best quality products while keeping in mind the comfort of their customers.

Everyone loves dogs and wants one as a pet, not just because they are cute and cuddly but because they are the best companion one could ask for. Dogs are the most loyal friend a human can have; they are always there for their owner and comfort them in distressing times.

But keeping dogs’ health in check is their owner’s responsibility, which many fail to fulfil. It is due to a need for more knowledge and experience with what products are best for their dogs.

Hundreds of companies in the market produce dog diapers and other dog products. Perhaps they are not making bad quality products but are they anywhere near PawPang’s efficient products? It isn’t very likely.

Unlike other companies, PawPang does not manufacture dog diapers but dog diaper liners. They are 65% cost-saving in comparison to a regular dog diaper. That is because dog diapers are expensive; need to be changed after every accident. Even if they are reusable, they must be washed constantly, which is a dirty and tiresome job. PawPang’s dog diaper liners do not need to be washed, which is cost-effective and a time saver. Furthermore, they are easy to apply on a dog diaper and come in four different sizes, perfect for dogs of all ages and breeds.

As the world advances towards new technology and better development, it is also creating more waste, affecting the climate and causing adverse effects on the planet. PawPang cares about planet earth and wants to save it by reducing its carbon footprint, and their dog diaper booster pads are helping them achieve this goal.

PawPang’s dog diaper pads reduce more than 60% of waste compared to regular diapers. They are made from fewer materials and use fewer products in manufacturing. Unlike regular diapers, they are compact and easy to store. Tim, one of the happy customers, said, “… These pads work well with washable belly bands for the boys and the female washable ‘pants’… Good quality and reasonable price….”

PawPang is aware that making dog products isn’t sustainable; this is why they are a member of the 1% for the planet. It is a community where all members contribute 1% of their annual revenue to a non-profit organization that helps conserve the planet, its wildlife, and its ecosystem.

Customers can read PawPang’s blog on the website to learn more about dog grooming and find answers to their product queries in the FAQ section.

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