Diagnoss releases an interactive demo and API of its AI-powered ICD-10 diagnosis code suggestion engine

November 14 12:33 2022
Anyone can now experience the power of real-time clinical AI through Diagnoss’s interactive demo and API, which reads doctors’ notes and suggests ICD-10 codes in real-time.

Diagnoss released a demo version of its AI-powered ICD-10 diagnosis engine and its corresponding API. The engine reads physicians’ notes and produces ICD-10 codes in real-time. 

Anyone can try the demo, for free, without the need to register, by visiting demo.diagnoss.com.

Clinics and hospitals use the engine to minimize the administrative burden of their clinicians. By auto-suggesting diagnosis codes to clinicians in real-time, the engine eliminates much of the manual searching and scrolling for ICD-10 codes that clinicians are burdened with today.

“We are one of the only digital health startups to publicly release an interactive demo. We know doctors are experiencing severe burnout and want technology that works for them. With this in mind, we want physicians to touch and feel how AI can improve their EHR workflow,” says Abboud Chaballout, co-founder at Diagnoss.


Clinicians have lauded the release of the demo and its corresponding AI. “It helped me with most of the diagnoses I needed right out of the box, saving me precious minutes per patient,” described Tamara Jackson in an article she published on Kevindmd.com.

While the engine is used by clinicians, it is also used by medical coders and documentation improvement specialists. 

Along with the interactive demo, Diagnoss released an API for developers. With the API, healthcare companies and startups can deliver ICD code prediction capability directly to their employees and customers. The API will render inputs, consisting of clinical text, into outputs containing ICD-10 diagnosis codes. The outputs also include a “reason,” which flags the exact portion of the clinical text input responsible for the suggested diagnosis code.

About Diagnoss

Diagnoss provides infrastructure and tools for physician enablement through its electronic health record (“EHR”) augmentation platform. With Diagnoss, clinics and hospitals can deliver tools to providers at the point of care that are fine-tuned to achieve organizational goals. These tools can range from revenue enhancement, clinical quality improvement, productivity, and health equity-related tools.

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