Photonics Manufacturing Industry Forum at Taihu Photonics Center

November 11 08:24 2022
Photonics Manufacturing Industry Forum at Taihu Photonics Center

On August 18, Suzhou High-tech Zone Photonic Industry Innovation Cluster Development Conference and Taihu Photonics Center Photonics Manufacturing Industry Forum were successfully held in Qingshan Conference Center. The forum invited Dr. Zhou Jun, Executive Vice President of Nanjing Institute of Advanced Laser Technology and Vice Chairman of Laser Industry Alliance of Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, Prof. Tang Xiahui, Deputy Director of National Engineering Research Center of Laser Processing, and Dr. Gu Bo, Member and Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Optical Society as the invited hosts. More than ten leading experts and leading entrepreneurs shared their thoughts and outlook on the development of the photonics manufacturing industry from various perspectives, such as the current situation and trends of the industry, technological breakthroughs and difficulties, new opportunities for future development, and new demands for industry development.

01 Guests of Honor

Min Dayong, Chairman of Laser Industry Alliance of Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and President and General Manager of Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Semiconductor Laser Innovation Institute, delivered a speech to express heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the guests attending the summit on behalf of Laser Industry Alliance of Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and Everbright. He said, “As people in China’s photoelectronic industry, we are united by the same goal. Under the pandemic, we are chasing the light and gathering together to discuss the new development of the photonics industry in the future and inject light power for China’s economic development.”

Chen Chao, Secretary General of the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, delivered a speech and welcomed the guests on behalf of the committee. He said, “Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the global economy and the international development of the laser industry, but under the guidance of the national double-cycle policy, the national environment for the development of the laser industry is continuing to improve, and high-end manufacturing is an important support for high-quality economic development. Hope that guests, scholars, and excellent enterprises present can join forces and complement each other to establish an open, sharing, and exchange mechanism to promote collaboration in the face of difficulties and boost the development of the photonics manufacturing industry.”

Wu Xuxiang, Deputy Director of Suzhou High-tech Zone Management Committee and Deputy Mayor of Huqiu District, said in his speech, “Suzhou High-tech Zone, one of the first national high-tech industrial development zones, has powerful economic development potential. Emerging industries have a solid foundation in terms of photonics industry platform construction and supporting facilities and strong momentum for scientific and technological innovation. The introduction of Taihu Photonics Center today marks a brand-new stage for the development of the photonics industry in Suzhou High-tech Zone. Hope this Summit will gather industry wisdom and jointly promote faster and better development of the photonics manufacturing industry.”

02 Great Report

Zhang Min, General Manager of Suzhou JCZ Laser Technology Co., Ltd. made a special report on “Robot Flexible Laser Processing Control System”, introducing the characteristics of flexible laser processing system, which significantly expands the breadth and depth of laser processing applications and opens up a new development opportunity for the laser processing industry.

Dr. Wang Jun, Vice President and CTO of Suzhou Everbright Photonics Co., Ltd. made a report on the theme of “China Laser Cores, Shine for a Bright Life”. He said, “From the establishment of Everbright in March 2012 and moving into the old factory on August 8 to Everbright moving out of it and into the new park on August 8, 2022, ten years saw our striving, our growth, and our technological breakthroughs. Thanks to the government leaders at all levels who guided and supported Everbright, and thanks to every Everbright person who chased the light together.” The important weapon has lacked a core for a long time, the peers have been assigned major missions,the excellent people will achieve great cause, and the dragon will rise from Taihu Bay. “Today’s Everbright, living up to Minister Cao’s inscription, has become one of the few IDM semiconductor laser enterprises in the world with 6-inch line epitaxy, wafer manufacturing, and other core products, overcome key technologies, achieved independent control in chip design, key equipment, process technology, and raw materials, leading domestic and international product technology, and a monthly output of more than 4 million chips, completed the horizontal expansion from high-power semiconductor laser chips to LIDAR and 3D sensing chips, and become the core force of Taihu Photonics Center.

The first decade has passed and we have completed the leap from 1 to 10. In the next 10 more years, Everbright will continue to deepen the cooperation with the upstream and downstream companies in the laser industry chain and always insist on application-driven, basic innovation, and integrated (joint) innovation to progress towards stronger, brighter, more color (wavelength), and lower-cost semiconductor laser chips, and practice the mission of “China Laser Cores Shine for a Bright Life.”

Dr. Lu Kunzhong, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. made a report on the theme of “Banner Leads the Future to High-end Laser Manufacturing”. He said, “As advanced processing tools, lasers are widely used in the manufacturing industry, and with the development of laser technology, the competition in laser manufacturing in China is increasingly fierce. In the face of fierce competition and declining profits in the conventional laser cutting market, the only way to succeed is to increase innovation and research and development.”

Dr. Zhou Jun, Chief Scientist of Shanghai Feibo Laser Technologies Co., Ltd., made a report on the theme of “Opportunities and Challenges of Domestic Fiber Lasers in the Post-Epidemic Era”. He said, “With excellent spectral control and other technologies, we have developed high brightness 1-30,000 watt fiber lasers with long output optical cables, point-loop power-adjustable PAM fiber lasers, pulse width frequency adjustable MOPA fiber lasers, and fiber lasers with precise spectral regulation and other cost-effective products.”

He Lidong, President and General Manager of Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. made a keynote report on “Exploration and Practice of China’s Ultrafast Laser Innovation and Competition”, sharing the current development status of China’s solid-state laser and ultrafast laser industry chain as well as achievements, bottlenecks, and countermeasures. China’s solid-state laser and ultrafast laser industry still has much room for development due to the promising prospect of the future global ultrafast laser development trend and the latest products and technologies.

Dr. Liang Wanguo, a researcher at Fujian Institute of Matter Structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a report on the theme of “Optical Super Lattice Chips and Their Applications”. Optical superlattice chips have an irreplaceable role in high-end laser light sources and quantum optical high-performance light sources. The flexible design and fabrication of optical super lattice crystals can obtain laser or entangled photon output of any wavelength in the crystal transmission range through frequency conversion, which has broad application prospects in laser display, quantum technology, optical communication, atmospheric detection, biological detection and medical treatment, and terahertz nondestructive testing.

Li Rongzheng, Sales Director of Trumpf (China) Co., Ltd., made a keynote report on “Technological Innovation Drives Industrial Upgrading”. From a small workshop to a global high-tech enterprise, technological innovation is the cornerstone of enterprise development. There have continuous breakthroughs, such as higher power, higher repetition frequency, shorter pulses, and shorter wavelengths. The laser can keep bringing new surprises to people.

Wang Jiangang, General Manager of Precision Business Group of Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd., made a report on “Laser Processing Applications for Hard and Brittle Materials” sharing the inevitable trend of laser processing widely applied for brittle materials, and analyzing the gap between existing technology and market demand and future development potential from the perspective of industry applications and material changes. He hopes to work together with industry partners to promote China’s laser industry to play an important role in the world laser industry and usher in the “platinum era” of laser development.

Dr. Wang Lulu of Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd. shared online the “Opportunities of Chinese-made Laser Technology for Power Battery Precision Manufacturing”, which shows that the demand for fiber lasers is surging due to the imminent expansion of power battery production, and the localization is inevitable driven by the huge demand. In the future, we not only want to achieve domestic replacement of “laser light source +”, but also to achieve domestic lead.

Director Zhou Yuchao, Research Institute Director of Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd., shared “Innovative Applications of Laser Technology in Emerging Industries”, stating the importance to continue to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and energy structure and to use laser technology to vigorously develop renewable new energy, such as lithium and photovoltaic.

Dr. Xing Fei, President and General Manager of Nanjing Zhongke Raycham Laser Technology Co., Ltd. shared a report on “High-Power Laser Application in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry “, saying laser manufacturing and additive manufacturing as a strategic emerging industry technology will lead the future development of intelligent manufacturing. Laser additive manufacturing enters a high-speed development stage. It is important to apply intelligent additive manufacturing in aerospace and industrial fields with industrial software development as the foundation. Microjet laser processing technology, as an advanced revolutionary technology for precision drilling and marginless cutting, is highly favored by customers in aerospace, electronic information, jewelry, and other industries.

03 Roundtable Forum – “The Platinum Decade of Laser Processing”

The past decade was a decade of high-speed development of China’s laser industry, called the Golden Decade and the next decade is going to be a decade of high-quality development of China’s laser industry, called the Platinum Decade. The Forum held a roundtable discussion on the theme of “The Platinum Decade of Laser Processing”. The discussion was presided over Dr. Gu Bo, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Optical Society, with the following guests: He Lidong, President and General Manager of Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd., Chen Yan, Vice President of Shenzhen Han’s Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Lu Kunzhong, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd., Dr. Zhou Zhixiang, Marketing Director of Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Corporation Limited, Zhou Hongjiang, General Manager of Laser Precision Machining Marketing Center of Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and Yuan Gongshu, General Manager of Semiconductor Division of Suzhou Delphi Laser Co., Ltd.

The big names discussed and exchanged views on great topics, such as the industry’s involution, the influence of the pandemic and the global economic downturn on the laser industry, how to maintain the vitality of corporate innovation, the impact of the capital market on the laser industry, what Chinese companies still need to go global, the breakthrough of core devices, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry. On-site guests had a lively and enthusiastic interaction with the participating company bosses and industry leaders, which was a rare peak dialogue in the laser industry since the pandemic.

In the future, Everbright and Suzhou Semiconductor Laser Innovation Institute will work together with many industry peers to develop and produce semiconductor laser chips with higher power, higher efficiency, higher brightness, and more wavelengths by taking the market as the guide and innovation as the driving force and to be as the cornerstone and source of China’s laser industry chain to jointly promote the development of photonics manufacturing industry.

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