Whoshotya emerged on the scene as a videographer turned artist/producer working on Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music.

November 10 16:02 2022

George Morales, known as Whoshotya, left film work to fulfill his dreams of leaving a mark with his music and production in this industry. 

George Morales emerges as a recording artist and record producer born in Mission Hills, California. He is known as Whoshotya in the music industry. He showed his love for music and urban culture at a very young age. Whoshotya built a highly obsessive drive for making music and record production. He utilizes his gift and talent for music to communicate his feelings, emotions, aggression and ideas. He has worked with the likes of many Artists alongside A$AP Yams, Mac Miller, Jay Nari, Rich Hill, Kodie Shane, KSupreme, Yulee and Lil Cloud to name a few.

Whoshotya believes in effort, but also a solid support system, as he states, “If I support someone to grow, then that support will help me grow. You can never think about doing big things without the support ofof others, support those who support you”. So he began his music journey along the support with his close tight niche group of people around him.. Whoshotya got his inspiration from his name from the fact that he would shoot footage behing a camera, but from a music prospective he was always inspired by the late great Notorious B.I.G. He feels as if he has that strong storytelling with his music as Big Poppa, as well as the skill set as an artist. Inspired by Notorious B.I.G’s controversial song “Who Shot Ya?” that was the choice to go with that name. Whoshotya still films skateboarding from time to time and in the near future has a few projects to work on, as a cross over between his video work and music.  He just released some of his music on spotify slowly building a buzz in just the first week release.

In the beginning, Whoshotya delt with a lot of personal controversy and lack of inspiration, like he needed to overcome that for himself. By the time he succeeded in getting the support of his peers in musicians alike, encouraging him to continue with his dreams. Whoshotya still has a lot of success to build for himself as an artist, but loves the challenge that music provides him it gets him out of his comfort zone and that’s what you need to grow.

Whoshotya said, “Struggles and challenges are part of your life journey. You have to accept them and have to take them head on. Nothing comes easy; you need to fight for it, Rome wasn’t build in a day”.

He focuses on creative work and makes innovative music. The versatile artist motivates young musicians to make different music that open different interests to help the music industry to and expand. He believes musicians make music for passion, not to make money.


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