Joan Wolff Works With Author’s Tranquility Press to Promote Spiritual Sonnets

November 10 15:56 2022
Joan Wolff Works With Author’s Tranquility Press to Promote Spiritual Sonnets
Talented poet, Joan Wolff, collaborates with Author’s Tranquility Press, a top media and publicity company, on “Spiritual Sonnets,” a poetry collection inspired by the scriptures

Joan Wolff has picked one of the best teams in the literature world to work with as he partners with Author’s Tranquility Press in the quest to reach as many readers as possible through his book titled Spiritual SonnetsThe collection of inspirational poems is divided into segments to enable readers to feel the message, connecting different aspects of spirituality and ensuring people understand the powers of Jesus Christ and His salvation.

Spiritual Sonnets comes in three sections. The first section is biblical. Facts that I believe to be the truth: angels, chakras, emotions, faith, love, meditation, and healing are a few. The second section is all about angels and my belief in them. How they can help us in so many ways. Allow them into your life; they’re waiting for you. The third section is the metaphysical of the Old Testament. Please read it, you will understand and learn.” – Joan Wolff.

The subject of spirituality and everything in between continue to remain a subject of discussion, even as millions of people across the globe still find it difficult to connect the physical with the metaphysical. Unfortunately, many of the available resources are not particularly detailed and easy to understand. Consequently, Joan Wolff has created Spiritual Sonnets, breaking down the scriptures to enable people to understand the goodness of the Lord and His unending love for everyone.

The author of Spiritual Sonnets aims to inspire readers to seek the intervention of God in every situation, reiterating His ever-readiness to help lift any burden, irrespective of its weight or severity.

Spiritual Sonnets will make an amazing read as a spiritual guide for everyone, irrespective of age group, with interesting and relatable narrations. The book is currently available on Amazon for interested readers across the globe.

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