Leading educational consultant for college transitioning, Dr. Melinda Phillips introduces the College Student Advisory Academy to the public.

November 10 17:15 2022

Dr. Melinda Phillips’ College Student Advisory Academy Now Partnering with Content Specialists & Accepting New Students

Leading educational consultant for college transitioning, Dr. Melinda Phillips introduces College Student Advisory Academy to the public.

On January 1, 2023, seasoned educator and consultant Dr. Melinda Phillips is launching the highly anticipated College Student Advisory Academy. This brand-new programming will provide consultation to college students, as well as educate aspiring cliental on how to open and operate their own consulting agency targeting today’s college student. Dr. Melinda Phillips delivers in-depth online specialized educational knowledge in a variety of high need underdeveloped areas within the college population, in addition to partnering with elite markets for the enhancement of personalized education and consulting services.

As an educator the last twenty years, with a decade spent researching and cultivating skills to assist college students with high areas of need including academics, social and living, advocacy, and self-determination, Dr. Phillips is now launching her own internet consulting agency: The College Student Advisory Academy http://www.drmelindaphillips.com, to address areas lacking support during transition from high school to college for current and future students.  Post pandemic, college students now more than ever need success plans designed to reach beyond what was offered prior due to learning regression and lost social opportunities with the increased use of digital learning environments.  Furthermore, Dr. Phillips is simultaneously enrolling professionals and partnering with area experts in education, family and life, behavior, social, mental health, diversity, and more to expand the breadth of services offered within the College Student Advisory Academy. This product marks the very first time the aficionado will open up her online educational training and advising consultancy to the general public.  With the anticipated opening in January, Dr. Melinda Phillips will be accepting new student clients, as well as area professionals interested in pursuing an exciting opportunity to better support today’s college student.

A frontrunner in the industry, Dr. Phillips is eager to share her proficiency in the education and advising of college students through this new product designed specifically to individually address areas in need of skill building or intervention. Areas that are found lacking upon student entry to college that include: finance, budgeting, independence, social skills, life skills, behavior and mental health management and support, academic preparedness, self-advocacy, adjustment, career options and marketable majors, appropriate communication, and much more.  Areas that often are no longer taught within the high school curriculum yet deemed necessary in life after graduation.

“Use this Muscle (brain) to Create your Hustle” says Dr. Melinda Phillips.  The importance lies in understanding that anything is possible with the right support systems and feedback, as Melinda believes that shooting for the stars and stretching beyond one’s limited belief system will propel them to success. She is continuously focused on lifting others up to gain sight of their true potential, which can be manifested through the supports offered within this academy.

Dr. Melinda Phillips’ College Student Advisory Academy aims to enrich aspiring college students with strategies for success through the provision of proactive individualized education that will remove barriers and obstacles to reduce the number of students who fail out, run up debt, suffer homesickness, endure social & behavioral issues, engage in destructive activity, self-medicate, attempt suicide, and suffer from avoidable mental health complications; including anxiety and depression. Dr Phillips and her anticipated team of experts will be ready to provide tools and support systems for today’s college student by bridging the gap that exists upon high school graduation.  Consultation can begin as early as the final months before high school graduation and continue throughout the summer and first year of college. Length of consultation is tailored to student areas of need, and Dr. Phillips and her team are committed to making a tangible impact for all students enrolled in the College Student Advisory Academy. 

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are continuing to turn toward digital avenues of educational support and counseling more than ever before. Digital markets have become an essential outlet for many to incorporate into their approach. The College Student Advisory Academy recognizes the benefits of the integration of such services into the digital realm and provides the necessary instruments to do so. 

“Dr. Phillips is amazing, she is so understanding, and I wouldn’t have made it without her” “Dr. Phillips takes the time to listen, she hears me.” “She cares so much about the students! I was so happy that I had her as my director. She helped me so much. She knew we were all people Melinda knew we had feelings and reactions. She understood how to ask about our day and how we were feeling, wouldn’t have graduated without her dedicated assitance.” Commentary from former students.

To learn more about Dr. Melinda Phillips and this new product, please visit http://www.drmelindaphillips.com or http://collegestudentadvisoryacademy.com

About Dr. Melinda Phillips

Dr. Melinda Phillips is easily recognized as a dedicated contributor to student success through her continuous efforts to know and understand each and every student she works with.  To her, students are more than an attendee of an institution or an installation of the classroom, they are young adults with a compilation of real emotions, dreams, and perspectives.  Dr. Phillips attributes her success to personal qualities like mindfulness and ambition. The driving force in Melinda’s career has always been her service to others.

As both an adult learner, graduating with a terminal degree at the age of 44, and as struggling college student right out of high school, Dr. Phillips fully understands and can relate to the academic rigors and expectations of the college environment.

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