SasPlay From Sastana Offers The Most Complete Web 3.0 Game Platform

November 10 16:51 2022
SasPlay from Sastana introduces blockchain technology to game players and provides them the chance to generate revenues by participating in game plays.

SasPlay offers gaming enthusiasts the most complete Web 3.0 game platform. Gamers can leverage this opportunity to earn in-game assets or items ranging from coins to accessories that have been tokenized on blockchain and could be traded on secondary markets.

“It is part of a web 3.0 blockchain-based ecosystem that includes a Launchpad, an NFT Marketplace, an NFT Rental place, and a Virtual Museum,” says the spokesperson for Sastana. “The entire ecosystem is implemented on the Layer 2 Polygon chain. It is designed to evolve around its own digital wallet and native token, The Blue Token.”


SasPlay offers a series of gaming options, such as Coin-Op, Chance Games, and Play 2 Earn. Coin-Op offers nostalgic games adapted to the Web 3.0 world. It is a fun way of remembering childhood times. The aim is to bring vintage gaming and arcade games back to the forefront. It includes a remastered version of the Bomber Man. Gamers can also earn rewards for completing levels and winning high-score competitions.

The Arcade games genre by SasPlay is different from arcade games and is characterized by simple presentation, cool game environments, and easy-to-understand rules. The Game of Chance allows players to enjoy casino games with a fair probability factor. With the democratisation of blockchain technology and the transparency associated with it, players can be sure that their decision-making and luck drive every win or loss.

SasPlay also offers a wide range of P2E games. The one available at present, though not live yet, is a battle, management, and earth awareness game. Players can earn money and have fun attacking people and building a strong defensive strategy. They must also ensure that they clean the ocean, so people don’t suffer.


SasPlay is a highly innovative platform that allows gamers to enjoy every part of the ecosystem with a unique solution. They don’t need to buy or swap the SAS token every time. With a single purchase, they can use it in the whole ecosystem, whether to buy or rent NFTs to stake or showcase their art on the virtual museum.

Also, by using the unique Sastana Wallet, participants can get more opportunities to enjoy and earn profit from more incentives, discounts, and rewards.

About SasPlay:

SasPlay is a part of a blockchain-based Web 3.0 ecosystem that comes with a launchpad, an NFT marketplace, an NFT rental place, and a Virtual Museum. The gaming platform offers a series of fun games, including Coin-Op, Game of Chance, and Play 2 Earn. Gamers can have fun indulging in a mix of traditional and modern games presented in the digital format and the opportunity to earn through multiple resources.

  • Unique token ecosystem
  • Easy transaction
  • Trending Games
  • +50 Games
  • Exciting ROI rate
  • Highly secured

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