Korean scalp cleanser brand Renasolum enters the U.S. market

November 09 13:31 2022

Hair remedies to cure numerous hair issues such as irritation and dandruff

Renasolum Hair Solution is an effective natural scalp cleanser that decomposes and eliminates surfactants, chemical residue from hair products, heavy metals that have been collected on the scalp. It is a product that promotes a healthy scalp by providing 90 different natural nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, and organic acids to cleanse the scalp and hair well.

Fulvic acid, the major component in Renasolum Hair Solution, is excellent for removing heavy metals and hazardous compounds and has a deodorizing effect. Fulvic acid is a chemical used to remove smells and impurities from livestock buildings and farms and to clean soil tainted with pesticides and heavy metals. A recent study found that it is effective for hair loss.

No matter how wonderful the product is, it cannot be effectively absorbed when the scalp pores are blocked and the hair becomes weak. If surfactants in shampoo and residues from numerous general hair products stay on the scalp, using scalp health products can be rather hazardous.

Renasolum Hair Solution is safe to use every day because it is a completely natural solution that is free of harmful ingredients. It is a product made entirely of purified water and Neomax, which is a humus extract created by using natural, rather than chemical, methods of refining marine diatomaceous earth created millions of years ago and is preservative free.

Unless it is an inherited condition, almost all scalp problems can be treated by cleansing the scalp and providing sufficient nutrition. Hair that absorbs the copious natural nutrients offered by a healthy scalp will have more strength and volume, and it will appear fuller.

Renasolum Hair Solution is a product that can be combined with other hair treatments and used not just at home, but also in commercial settings such as hairdressing salons.

– At home: To clean the scalp and care for hair at the same time, combine with shampoo and spray the scalp and hair before using a heated device.

– In commercial settings: When combined with hair dye or permanent agents, the product will minimize strong ammonia odor and neutralize harmful chemicals, reducing irritation and protecting hair.

Renasolum Hair Solution is available on Amazon and brand official website.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BFQCRK7Q?ref=myi_title_dp

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