Pick, Pamper, Protect: Cat Parenting Made Easy

November 09 04:22 2022
Pick, Pamper, Protect: Cat Parenting Made Easy

Nottingham, England – Cat lovers and aspiring cat owners will now have the best opportunity to have a perfect life as a fur parent by curating a good relationship with your feline friend and giving it the best things it deserves as simple as a three-step process – all thanks to the new method created by The Kitty Boss™.

Called the “Pick, Pamper, Protect”, the aforementioned three-step method created by The Kitty Boss™ aims to provide the best support to feline lovers who want the best for their cats. This is a highly recommended method if there is a hard time being a cat owner, especially for those who are just first-time cat parents, or just plain busy at work.

For the first step, which is called “Pick”, the cat owner or anyone who aspires to get his or her cat can get to “pick the practically perfect pussycat”. Whether you like some fancy fluffy Persian or Ragdoll, or some fierce Siamese, you have this great help to have you get the best feline to be with.

For the second step, which is called “Pamper”, the cat owner or aspiring cat owner will be able to “pamper (their) pet so (they) imprint on each other”. Cats are undeniably adorable, soft, and fluffy animals that need your help to stay healthy, happy, and cute. They love to go around on their own, rather than be enclosed in a small space, which makes can make it perfect for some bonding time with these furry friends. Every time you go home after work, why not spend some quality time with your feline friend who’s the first to greet you with its cuteness?

Finally, for the third step, which is called “Protect”, the cat owner or anyone aspiring to get a cat as a pet will learn the best ways to “protect (the) cat properly for a lifetime of unconditional love”. Kitties need some great care, too! This guide is perfect to choose the best for your cat – from collars to the top vet services. There’s nothing better than seeing your cat look and feel its best, especially if it gets the Kitty Boss™-recommended treats!

With all these three simple steps provided by one of the most reputable animal care providers in the country today, there is no reason to have a hard time caring for your cute feline friend!


The Kitty Boss™ by Cat Lady Justin has gained popularity and a good reputation as the only mentor famous for supporting concerned, cat lovers with a simple 3-step method called “Pick, Pamper, Protect”.

It helps cat owners and lovers to know the easiest ways to own and take care of cats, whether it be first-time owners or those with a busy schedule. This can help them feel confident and good about getting a cat without worrying about making any wrong choice.

Currently based in the UK, Cat Lady Justin is an American content creator who also has a podcast channel that discusses everything about cats, which can be streamed through all major podcast streaming platforms. Cat Lady Justin speaks 6 languages and has a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

There is also an upcoming book entitled “The Kitty Boss: Because Who’s The Boss Really, You or Kitty?”, as well as a course called “One Cat Away”, which aims to help “CATalyze” millions more cat relationships. 

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