Hawaiian Romance Series written by global adventurer and Hawaii resident, CJ Johnson

November 04 13:18 2022

Local author CJ Johnson finds inspiration for his romance stories in Waikiki Beach where he meets tourists from around the world. Take a stroll through Waikiki Beach on any morning and you’ll see the author wearing a wide-brimmed hat and aloha shirt sitting in the window of Honolulu Coffee in the historic Moana-Surfrider Hotel. He sips a cappuccino and espresso combination as he writes inspiring love stories, stopping to meet visitors and add personal messages to his novels they have bought.

He visited Hawaii on his way to his first job in Australia and was captivated by the aloha spirit, and promised to return. Decades rolled by with adventures throughout the Pacific Islands, Asia and Africa before he returned with a passion to write about the what makes Hawaii and Waikiki Beach such a romantic place.

Introducing the Hawaiian Romance Series by CJ Johnson.

Romancing Waikiki contains twenty-one intriguing original love stories of people falling in love on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

The romances evoked by the most famous beach in the Pacific go back to 1901, when the elegant Moana Hotel was opened to welcome visitors and has continued to be a presence on the beach.

This selection of love stories, written in Waikiki coffeehouses, spans the period from the Second World War to the present. These stories feature characters of all ages, ranging from a coming-of-age teen romance to senior citizens who discover love has no expiration date.

While the stories are fictional, they have threads in the sand of Waikiki Beach and beyond. Matters of the heart can be found in the footprints in the sand, a letter fluttering across the beach, remnants of a sandcastle, an army nurse waiting, and a homeless woman blowing out a candle.

The sequel, Unexpected Hawaiian Love Story, is a second chance romance unfolding on the Waikiki Beach and beyond.

Geology professor Alex Silverman’s chance encounter with Kelsey O’Connor at a Christmas party sparks his interest, but not hers. His persistent efforts to ignite her dormant romantic embers eventually lead to exhilarating highs and heartbreaking twists. The elixir to the relationship’s course is Nadia, Kelsey’s precocious seven-year-old daughter.

Recovering from a tragedy proves particularly challenging for Alex, whose awkward dating skills desperately need polishing. He discovers his second chance at a meaningful romance is frustrating and fraught with unimaginable danger.

CJ Johnson lives in Waikiki and has spent more than two decades in Hawaii finding the source of his inspiration for these love stories that stir feelings of joy and tears. The romantic sites in Hawaii, Thailand, and Cambodia in these stories are based on his travel experiences that hopefully will be useful to readers wanting to enrich their travel experiences. 

The ebooks in this series will be 99c for a limited time from November 4-9, 2022.

Article about CJ Johnson: https://www.honolulucoffee.com/blogs/news/charles-johnson-and-the-moana-surfrider



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