God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker by Author Dr. Wil Joslin

November 03 05:18 2022
God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker by Author Dr. Wil Joslin

In the inspiring biography titled, God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker, Author Dr. Wil Joslin shares the powerful true story of his great grandfather, Major James Lide Coker from Darlington County, South Carolina. The book takes an in depth look into the life of Coker, a heroic South Carolinian because of his dramatic comeback from ruin and injury in the Civil War to become the wealthiest man in his state.  Ever mindful of the struggles of others, in the process Coker became the uplifting leader of his region, economically, socially, and spiritually. Joslin gives his readers a rare opportunity to see how this remarkable man thought, behaved, and mentored, with plenty of inspiring and practical takeaways for us today.

Major James Lide Coker (1837-1918) was the founder of Coker University in Hartsville and the present Fortune 500 company Sonoco Products, among 20 other businesses. He daringly transformed so many lives for the better. In Joslin’s words, “He (Major Cooker) was able to hire so many people that were in desperate straits after the war that he uplifted the progress of everybody, black and white, urban or rural. He also was a leader in racial and social progress.”

Coker grew up in Old South but became one of the most forward-looking leaders of the New South. From his business odyssey to his expansive heart and keen intellect, his life reveals a goldmine of ideas on how we can improve and optimize our own lives.  Read this biography, and you’ll walk with invaluable insights into an unsung hero and discover uncommon strategies for winning in your own life on all fronts.

On a crutch since his Civil War wound, Coker went from ashes to riches. But he always embraced a modest lifestyle, remaining humble and down to earth. His war agonies and innate sensitivity to human needs enabled him to identify with the harshest realities of the human condition and with the plight of the disenfranchised. His great-grandson’s impeccable recounting of his story will grip you from beginning to end.

In the Civil War, Coker bravely defended his homeland, fighting together with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Virginia, where his brother was killed. In Tennessee, James’s left thigh was shattered at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, and he became a prisoner of war. In the murky world of a Yankee prison camp, he survived the brink of death before finally returning home to Sherman-devastated South Carolina. He lost almost everything, including the use of a leg. But with extraordinary valor, he rose with a crutch and a hoe to re-establish his farm and went on to lead the economic, educational, and spiritual rebound of his region in a time of crisis and carpetbaggers. When his ingenious and diligent post-war initiatives brought him rivers of prosperity, he let them flow through him to bless countless others in his rural state. A deeply spiritual man, Major Coker also faithfully taught the boys’ Sunday school for thirty-eight years.  An ineffable masterpiece, words cannot capture the gravity and essence of this biography, God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker

An advocate for equality and peace, he said, “There is one great result of the War Between the States for which we are truly thankful: slavery is abolished.” Major Coker is a champion of compassion, equality, and wisdom. His readers will walk away with invaluable life lessons in faith, bravery, and ethics to help them, in turn, to grow and thrive.

God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker

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About the Author

After searching seemingly in vain for purpose in life, Will Joslin had a dramatic Christian conversion as a pre-law student at UNC-Chapel Hill. Accepted into law school, he chose full time ministry for 17 years. Afterward he spent 24 years in business, mainly running his own IT consulting company, Joslin Computer Solutions, Inc. He and his wife Becky are now back in ministry part time as he concentrates on writing. Aside from ministry and being an entrepreneur, Will has taught on leadership, led men’s groups, and coached basketball and golf.

He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, has a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has earned an online Doctor of Sacred Literature (D. S. Lit.) from Wycliffe Theological Seminary. Will enjoys golf, swimming, and sailing.

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