On Top of the Box: The Book on Creativity by Julian Wagner

November 02 18:44 2022
On Top of the Box: The Book on Creativity by Julian Wagner

On Top of the Box: The Book on Creativity by Julian Wagner is a new release from 10-10-10 Publishing about stimulating free-thinking and independence, looking for solutions instead of problems, and embracing change as a positive force rather than a negative one. Just consider the book’s title and how simply the author steps out of the box in which most people spend their lives. 

Julian Wagner’s book is available on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/TOP-BOX-Book-Creativity/dp/177277460X


Julian wrote On Top of the Box when he was 14, which may surprise you. Even more startling is that he has a severe reading and writing disability but still found a way to write a book. The young man credits his success to creativity, visualization, and thinking in terms of concepts and ideas. So, even though he isn’t the best at school, Julian understands the importance of using what the universe brings him, much more than someone with an MBA stuck in their comfort zone. Julian Wagner doesn’t have a comfort zone. Instead, he’s fording the stream of life, eyes open, ready to grab opportunities as they float by.  

Julian has learned that you aren’t what happens to you but what you decide to be and that you can define your experiences in ways that work for you. He not only applies that knowledge but has decided to share it with you.

To connect with Julian, please email him at [email protected]

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