Asks the Important Question: How Much Do Solar Panels Cost and Are They Worth It?

November 01 20:54 2022 Asks the Important Question: How Much Do Solar Panels Cost and Are They Worth It?

Saving money on bills is essential when the cost of living increases. Whether it’s gas, electricity, water, or another utility, saving money on a utility bill can help many families afford other necessities. One method of saving money on utilities is to convert from landlines to solar panels to cut down on the electricity bills for the house.

Solar panels can go a long way toward saving a homeowner a lot of money during the year. So, how much do solar panels cost, and do they save homeowners that much money? Read on to find out more.

Electric Bills Vs. Solar Panels

The biggest question homeowners tend to ask is, “How Much Do Solar Panels Cost And Are They Worth It?” The quick answer to whether solar panels save money is yes. The longer answer involves comparing the costs of solar panel products, installation, maintenance, and upkeep against the costs of local electric services in each state.

On average, solar panel installations can range from $15,000 to $25,000 for the basic sustainable energy setup. As electricity rates vary from city to city and state to state, it’s difficult to give an average on utility costs. The national average ranges around 13 to 15 cents per kilowatt-hour and changes yearly, according to

Steps To Take Before Getting Solar Panels

When installing solar panels, homeowners should take a moment to ensure their homes and property are in ideal locations. There are a few steps that companies like EMT Solar suggest homeowners take. They also suggest contacting a local solar panel company to ask any questions they may have before proceeding with any changes. Consulting a professional can help reassure homeowners of their decisions.

The most common steps to take before making the switch to solar panels are:

  • Review the home’s electric bill history and compare the total costs versus the cost of using solar panels after installation to see savings.

  • Check if the property and home have sufficient sunlight exposure for the panels. Trees can block sunlight from directly hitting the roof of a house, negating the effect of solar panels and lessening their efficiency.

  • Estimate the total cost of supplies, installation, and long-term use of solar panels. Include the initial solar panel cost, upgrades to the home for them to work better, and installation costs.

  • Research government incentive programs that encourage and incentivize homeowners to upgrade their homes with clean energy enhancements.

  • Stay updated on trade policy changes within the government. Tariffs can vary on imported solar panels yearly.

  • Make the final decision on whether solar panels are the right choice for the home. Solar panels are an investment, meaning they will take time to recoup the cost of replacing an electric bill.

Shop around for different incentives and pricing when upgrading to solar panels. Homeowners can also consider solar loan financing, spreading the cost over time.

Make The Decision

Everyone wants to save money when they can. Whether on groceries, bills, or frivolous items, saving money is a good thing. Saving money on a utility bill, especially one as costly as electricity, is even better. Decide for a cleaner, more reliable energy source for the home. Upgrade to solar panels for both a greener footprint and save money.

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