Emerging Fine Artist, Olia Seddiqui, Completes Her First-ever Painting (Oil on Canvas), Arezo, Priced at $1 Million

August 05 09:04 2022
Emerging Fine Artist, Olia Seddiqui, Completes Her First-ever Painting (Oil on Canvas), Arezo, Priced at $1 Million

Arezo, the first oil painting created by Afghan American emerging fine artist, and philanthropist Olia Seddiqui, has just been completed. Arezo, whose name is derived from the Persian word meaning “hope,” is Seddiqui’s sole oil painting on canvas to date. The image of a young Afghan girl leaning on her Dutar symbolizes the suffering of Afghan women during the Taliban regime.

With her artistic endeavors, Seddiqui seeks to draw attention to the message of the artwork, which supports Afghan women and children. Through works like this one, she hopes to aid in the revivaland preservation of Afghanistan’s fine art and rich cultural legacy.


The daughter of Omar Seddiqui, former President of the National Precious Collections, and Halima Seddiqui, a Persian Literature Instructor, Olia Seddiqui was born in Kabul. Two years after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, she and her parents moved to California. Her desire to pursue a career as an artist was diminished as a result of this. However, on August 16, 2021, after the U.S. withdrawal, it was reignited.

Seddiqui showed exceptional talent in the arts as she was growing up, garnering accolades from her professors. Seddiqui attended the University of Phoenix where she majored in business before relocating to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in fashion.

As a result of her life experiences and a strong desire to preserve her rich Afghan cultural heritage, Seddiqui is driven to make a significant historical difference through her work. This determination is what has led her to a career as a fashion designer, artist, and philanthropist.


Seddiqui’s painting style combines realism, impressionism, and imagery. It is spontaneous, with little to no pencil drawing of the detailed artwork. Having already mastered drawing as a designer, through her research, she has developed an in-depth understanding of the color palette, the right use of brushes as well as mediums, and layering techniques that add value and longevity to oil painting.

Seddiqui aspires to apply her artistic abilities to her pursuits. Afghanistan was once famous for its rich cultural diversity, music, and art, and the important roles women played over the years. She desires that this legacy is carried on. Seddiqui believes that creativity opens the door to anything.

Seddiqui desires to use her talents to raise money and awareness for the education and welfare of women and children in Afghanistan. She is releasing her one-of-a-kind oil painting, Arezo, to call attention to the societal injustices that these people face in the country from which she had to flee. The $1 million masterpiece will be made available for legitimate queries.

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