Meet Kanabed: A No-Compromise Sofa Bed That’s 100% Sofa and 100% Bed

August 03 12:00 2022
The Kanabed is the ultimate sofa bed for the uncompromising adult.

Anyone with a limited living space knows the struggle of fitting all essential furniture into a single room without making it look overcrowded. So often, homeowners have to compromise in either quality, practicality, or comfort just to find furniture that moderately fits their needs. Kanabed, touted as the world’s first true sofa bed, eliminates the need for compromise.

Made by Beautiful Anomaly, LLC, a leading engineering design and consultancy firm, Kanabed combines the comfort and functionality of both a sofa and a bed into one innovative ergonomic design. It highlights a modern contemporary style, premium craftsmanship, and the versatility to fit into any living space.

“Kanabed is a practical solution to today’s overcrowding crisis. This beautiful sofa bed allows anyone to double their living space, with no compromise in size, comfort, or looks,” says the team behind Kanabed. “It is 100% sofa, 100% bed, and a living room, a bedroom, and storage, all in one!”

Kanabed ticks all the features needed for space saving and goes beyond. In sofa mode, it is the ideal relaxation spot for lazy naps and movie nights with family and friends. It doesn’t even look like a sofa bed at all. It’s chic, plush, and satisfyingly soft. Kanabed comes in two versions, Twin, which can seat two people, and Twin XL, which can seat three people.

In bed mode, Kanabed is the epitome of comfort. It can fit any twin or twin XL mattress, so there’s plenty of space for sprawling. Users can even combine two Kanabeds to get a King-sized bed without sacrificing extra space. They can use the Kanabed like any other cozy bed for a good night’s rest.

The sofa bed also highlights ample built-in storage. The armrests boast up to 172 liters of storage space, ideal for storing pillows, beddings, linens, and other items.

Moreover, switching from sofa to bed mode is easy. According to the team, it only takes 4 seconds to convert the Kanabed from sofa to bed and back – a true engineering marvel.

From the smallest details to the most prominent, Kanabed is thoughtfully optimized with user convenience in mind. It’s built using high-quality metal, solid wood, and premium fabrics, ensuring durability that will last for years.

Kanabed is now available for pre-order at up to 50% off during the month of August 2022. Reserve a slot for pre-purchase today. Items ship in December 2022.

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