IndigenousPeoplesOpportunityNetwork.Org (NJ Community Faith-Based Organization That Helps Displaced Native Indigenous Peoples Retrieve Recognition) Seeks Partnerships Donors And Sponsors For Global Ad

May 27 17:39 2022

Indigenous Peoples Opportunity Network is looking forward to working with benevolent individuals, companies and other organizations who are looking to devote funds, time, resources, skills or even just a signature towards honorable innovative projects and laws that can have significant positive impacts on communities and environments.

The Organization is interested in building great relations with:

– Native American Tribes and Indigenous Individuals

– Donors

– Sponsors

– NGOs

– State Officials

– Non-Profit Partners

– Forward-Thinking Government Officials 

– Historians

– Archeologists

– Grant Writers

– Web Designers

– Graphic Design

– Social Media Influencers

– IT Specialists

– Security Specialists

– Investors

– Teachers

– Lawmakers

– Lawyers

– Reporters

– Politicians

– Engineers

– Scientists

– Researchers

– Contributors

– Resource Providers

– Professionals

– Building Owners

– Business Sponsors

Anyone who is looking to get involved with a community based project that could have global impact, this is the project to be a part of. This project could implement some of the greatest positive change this world has been seeking. 

To get involved go to:

And fill out the form. Once you fill out the form you will be on their mailing list to receive organization updates, event posting, project updates, job postings and more.

“It takes people takes great people to build great communities”. You can become a part of the community by joining the mailing list.  

For grants, donations and other contributions: [email protected] or 302-985-3323

For media inquiries: [email protected] or 302-985-3323

For lectures: [email protected] or 302-985-3323

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