Pets For Life Shop Offers Road Safety Tips For Dog Owners

May 23 18:45 2022
The one-stop-shop for pet owners has provided some tips for new dog owners on how to keep their dogs safe while taking them for a walk.

An online store that has gained a reputation for being a one-stop-shop for dog owners has provided some tips for new dog owners on how to keep their dogs safe while going for a walk. Pets For Life ( who will not be beaten on price has put together some important road safety tips for dog owners.

The popular online pet store whose prices are so low that they recently challenged Amazon to beat them, has said it is important that new dog owners understand how to keep their little friends safe while taking them for a walk.

With a recent report showing that only 4% of dog owners take their new dog to training classes, The Pets For Life Shop felt it was important that they share these important tips with their customers.

Keep the dog on a Leash

It is important when taking a dog out for a walk near roads to keep it on a dog leash. It is also important to keep them on a short leash to stop them from running out onto the road. No matter how a person may feel that their dog will not run off, it is important to safeguard the dog and avoid accidents by always keeping it on a leash while out walking near quiet and busy roads.

A good quality dog leash ( can cost as little as $23.99

Teach a dog road awareness

New dog owners must teach their little friends road awareness. Dogs do not automatically become aware of the dangers of the road, they have to be taught. Dog owners must teach their dogs to sit at the roadside and wait until it is safe to cross.

Taking a dog to dog training classes is advisable, but dog owners can teach their dogs commands such as sit, and stay, to keep them in control when crossing the road.

Teach Your Dog ’emergency stop’

It is important to teach your dog an emergency stop command. The command should be stop where they will stop immediately if they are faced with a dangerous situation at the roadside. You can teach the dog this command around the house before taking them for a walk along busy roads.

When taking a dog for a walk, it is important to always carry a dog water bottle so they have access to water at all times. A good dog water bottle can cost as little as $23.99 (

These are just some of the tips that the popular online store has provided. They run lots of different awareness campaigns for dog owners.

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